This event is now over until next Summer!

The Jerusalem Development Authority is pleased to present the 9th Annual Jerusalem Light Festival, which is one of the world’s most impressive and exclusive light festivals.

The public is invited to walk along the illuminated paths and participate in a unique event that combines the magical atmosphere of the Old City with innovative and challenging art.

Here you can wander through the picturesque alleyways among the spectacular Israeli and foreign works of art, as you view the fascinating artistic displays and presentations and huge video projections on the imposing buildings and walls of the Old City.


This event is totally free and fabulous!

You can view this year’s paths by clicking here.

More information is on the Jerusalem Light festival website.



  1. Aliza
    Old City Lights Show parking tip – park in the Municipality Parking Lot, a 3 minute walk from
    Shaar Yaffo, we got there at 19:15 and there were over 650 available spaces, no problem exiting.
    Put חניון כיכר ספרא into Waze to find it, costs 14 NIS (flat fee) after 16:00

  2. Chaya Beran
    Go early and start the maslul before 8 pm. You’ll be ahead of the crowds. That is what we did last night and it worked for us beautifully. No crowds at all. You can always go back to the beginning at the end if you feel like you missed the beginning.

  3. Chana Kaye
    We went last night. Kids 4-8…. was crowded but agree with Deborah Dickson, it’s all about ur expectations. We parked at mamilla – took a while to get out- ate there (don’t waste ur time at roladin!) and walked thorough. Didn’t see everything but was a cool experience for my kid who had never been at night to the old city etc… patience is a virtue – be virtuous!

  4. Maya Sherer Noach
    We went last night – it was amazing. We parked near the Inbal Hotel, and walked in (about a 7min walk). We heard it was super crowded because of there being only one route, but actually only the very beginning was crowded. Once we got past Jaffa Gate it was fine. The art was beautiful, we especially liked the more interactive things – performing artists, taking selfies with light, etc. We did the entire route from start to finish and this year was the first time we went until Tzedkiyah’s cave – it was amazing!
    I don’t know if kids would survive the entire route, at the beginning we saw a lot of kids, after the churba we saw vey few.

  5. If you get chance you must go to The Jerusalem light festival. It was stunning and my kids ( 11,8) never moaned about walking for 2 1/2 hours. It is very busy, which is a bit of a logistical nightmare, but worth it. Maps came in English and Hebrew and we put our 8 year old in charge of telling us what was up next. Parking in Mamilla was easy.

  6. Went last night. Parked near tahana rishona. It was super packed and a total nightmare. We cut at Shaar Tzion and left. Was totally bummed.

  7. Went last night – super crowded and since they only had one מסלול everyone was shoved together. Too hot for that. The exhibit outside the Old City (before שער יפו was cool to see. Too many people with strollers rolling over my feet >_< The show on the wall of the hurva shul was nice. Overall, I was not impressed though.

  8. We parked at Karta which was fine. But totally agree that the crowd was too much. We made it from Jaffe to the Hurva in almost 2hours.

  9. well, our main mistake was not realising how inefficient the hasaot would be and how long it would take us to get from our parking to the Old City so we started later than planned. But, the crowds really did impact it – there were bottlenecks in some spots where we just stood. Anyway, I’m not saying don’t go – just be prepared.

  10. Yes, it was incredibly crowded. We mostly got to see the Churva and some smaller exhibits, but also did the Churva tour inside – air conditioning! Parking was a nightmare, took us close to 40 minutes just to get it Mamilla parking and fund a spot

  11. Jerusalem Lights Festival – Another Perspective. We did not have a successful time. We went last night with 5 kids aged 4-13, but the kids were not the issue. The hasaot from the parking areas are disorganized and we waited a long time on both sides. It took us an hour from parking to get to the Old City so keep that in mind when working out when to leave home. There were 10s of 1000s of people there (although it felt like more) which meant that it was hard to see (or appreciate) many of the exhibitions. We cut out at Shaar Tzion so that we only saw, I think, 12 of the 39 exhibitions, but after shuffling along in the crush of people for almost 2 hours, we were all too tired to continue. Be aware that the hasaah from Shaar Tzion only goes to Mamilla and from there you need to take another hasaah to the parking areas. The hasaah goes from out on the street. Overall, I felt that the exhibitions were underwhelming and the crowd was overwhelming. Perhaps if you have more luck and have smaller crowds, you will have a better experience.

  12. We waited by Shaare Yafo at around 810 when we saw the lights begin to go on and then walked. There were these people that preformed a little show to make the lights start turning on. It was cute my kids loved it.

  13. So interesting we went last night and had a fabulous experience. We saw all 39 exhibits. Because of advice from this group we made sure to get to mamila early. We got there around 615 parked and had dinner then went around with 4 kids under 5. My three older kids walked he entire time and had a blast. It was crowded but I felt we could see everything. I highly recommend getting into mamilla old city area at around 6 to help make the whole experience more enjoyable.

  14. If you do not like crowds, then don’t go. Another suggestion is- go next week just to the light show on the walls. We’ve been to both and the 40 min show was shortened to about 12 minutes last night because of the festival. Chaval, because it was amazing. The hurva was beautiful also but similar to the wall show (in 4 minutes). Otherwise, we parked in Safra at 7pm and there was room. Be prepared for lots of walking and major crowds

  15. Last night we left late and got to Jerusalem about 8pm….definitely get there earlier-light show on the walls starts at 8pm for 15 mins every 15 mins….I would go inside the old city first and then see the show on the walls on the way out…..

  16. I agree. I took kids aged 5-12 and was definitely a bigger hit with the older ones but the younger ones enjoyed the churva very much. It’s a fun vibe and a treat to be out, and in my opinion so cool to see the old city like that. There were many people but I thought that was part of the fun. I wouldn’t take a stroller and I would go early. We got there at 745, parked in Mamila lower level no problem at all. The lights on Shar Yafo only actually start at 820 when it gets dark, despite that they say it shows at 8. Have fun!

  17. It’s all about your expectations and outlook. It was busy but an amazing atmosphere. I agree the light installments weren’t amazing but they were nice enough and my kids age 5-13 all enjoyed and all walked for two hours without complaining! It was a treat for them to be out so late and I’m glad we took them. I particularly liked that the route took you to areas you don’t normally go through. I do recommend finding parking on the road somewhere and walking rather than risking the chaos in the car parks. We had dinner at 6:30 – not long after we got there places were packed so I’m glad we were early. We started the route at 8 rather than watch the show on the walls because it was packed and I’m glad we did that because I think we avoided those big crowds that way. We had a positive experience – for older kids it makes for great photo opportunities. I wouldn’t take kids if I only had little ones.

  18. Lots of people, but enjoyable, if you are intent on seeing everything start early and don’t go with others.

  19. Parked at givat hatachmoshet and took the train to the iriyah. worked out great. he whole show was insanely crowded but it was amazing. the lights were nice, nothing spectacular, but the feeling of thousands of people around you, walking through the the streets of the old city, in the gorgeous night air was wonderful. i only took my teenager, i wouldnt bring small kids. I loved it

  20. Agree @Deena Block- Selengut. We were there too. We were one of those annoying ppl going the “wrong” way. And if you do go, definitely get inside the old City area early. I definitely would not go with a stroller. That said, the whole vibe was fun and energizing, just the crowds were too much for me personally

  21. We are on our way home, the only thing I thought was worth it was the 5 minutes at the chorva…..

  22. We went with the kids and we all had such an amazing time – it is crowded but worth the effort. One word of warning – if you do chose to park in Mammila – park on the upper floors and also near the spiral to leave the car park … we parked on the lowest floor and far from the spiral and we were stationary in the queue to get out for over an hour at mid night…finally left the car park at 2am…we were still happy we went but would be happy to help others avoid the pain!

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