Plan Your Sukkot: Saidel Jewish Baking Center and LOVELOVEISRAEL EXCLUSIVE!

One-of-a-kind baking workshops at Saidel’s this Sukkot!
The Saidel Jewish Baking Center, located in Karnei Shomron, Israel is the world’s leading expert on Jewish bread and baking, combining a baking school, a commercial artisan bakery and a research institute.
Call now to book for an awesome day out for the whole family:

Whats-app number: 972-507202521

Main Phone Number: 972-9-7941222

October 13 Erev Sukkot
October 15,16,17,18 Chol HaMoed
October 20 Erev Simchat Torah
October 22-23 Isru Chag

If you can’t go this Sukkot, don’t worry! Saidel’s offer this workshop all year round, so just contact them to arrange!

Kasher LeMehadrin. Wheelchair accessible. Air-conditioned

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