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    My 7, 11 & 13 year olds absolutely loved it. Book online before. There is a beach next to it to go to afterwards which is a bit stoney. If anyone is not going on the inflatables, it’s worth getting a place in the shade on the next door beach.

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    Aquakef review: bring your own towels and wear water socks. The “beach” is incredibly rocky and hot. There’s one small area with shade mostly designated for non-swimmers and so if you have a beach umbrella- might not be a bad idea. There didn’t appear to be lockers for storage so if you’re bringing food to have for later- a cooler bag is an excellent idea.
    Kids had fun and we felt one session was more than enough to have a great time.

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    I want to highly recommend Aquakef. It was loads of fun, even for a Grandma. And we didn’t even bring the grandkids!! Make sure to book online in advance to insure that the place isn’t already booked for a group.

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    Went to aquakef yesterday. We had tickets for 9:30 but got there around 9:00 and were the first people there. My kids were in the water by 9:15 and had the place to themselves for a while. Then a few families came. Eventually a larger group came, but it was never very crowded. My kids said it was more fun with more people because it was wetter and more slippery and also the whole thing moves as people move around. For those who don’t know there is a parking lot across the street from the entrance to Chof Ganim. We didn’t know and passed it and had to circle back. The aquakef entrance is to the right of the Chof Ganim one. We booked two sessions for our kids (ages 12-16) thinking it would probably be too much, but they really had a blast. They would’ve stayed longer, but they were exhausted. After their sessions we moved all of our stuff over to the Ganim beach, ate sandwiches that we brought, and then swam in the Kinneret for a few hours. The Ganim beach is rather small (like most Kinneret beaches I think) and we got one of the last shady benches around 11:00. It would probably have been worth it to claim space earlier with some extra towels or something. Also, they don’t let you wear any shoes on aquakef, even water shoes. But, the Kinneret beach is rocky and there are also lots of rocks in the water so bring water shoes.

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    Don’t bother. My youngest who is almost 6 really struggled in the kids area. It is boring hot and there is no shade. Not a great idea with little kids.

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    Ya I agree… I was amazed by my not-so-adventurous 5 year old as well. She was very timid at first and then got a feel for it and really enjoyed herself… as for holding up the older kids – you don’t actually have to follow a particular course and my older kids quickly disappeared and went off on their own… they can’t get lost and it’s all quite safe

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    We went to the family hours yesterday; men and boys on the extreme park side and women on the family park side. The beginning was a total balagan, and, having bought tickets in advance for 57 shekels, was a bit upset seeing them sold on site for 40. But, after the initial chaos, the activity was such fun. My kids loved it and asked to go back. My whole upper body is in agony today because you fall off and then have to pull yourself up.

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    So nice my kids and me has a nice time. They want to repeat all time. I bought by couponefesh, or try to call and see if there is different prices.

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    We went last week with 10 and 8 year old girls. They did not enjoy. It’s deep water and extremely hard. If you fall off which you will, it’s hard to get back on. And so hot and no shade. I would not go back.

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    So we did aquakef today I sent my husband with my
    Two older boys and I stayed back at the hotel w
    My 3 year old
    Boys boys 9 and 6 and hubster said they absolutely loved it but it is extremely exhausting to the point were they all just want to relax the rest of the afternoon We called about half hour in. Advance to reserve the activity was about an hour and half if u ask me I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 10 it’s very exhausting activity and there r so much other things they can do in the area that they can enjoy
    More prob not
    Worth the money for those ages

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    Thank you Shani for your warm post. So much more than what is deserved. Most important that you get better soon and back to yourself. And thank you as well to all the others who also expressed themselves here and in so many other ways. It has been a real pleasure to try to make people smile and we hope that we will continue doing so. I met so many new wonderful people and reconnected with so many others after many years. Thank you all again for allowing this to happen. I have heard so many times from Israelis and locals how wonderful it was to have a Kibutz Galuyot on the mitkan. Brought a lot of life to Aquakef. Operation wise, we are open till after Sukot B”H. Hours of operation are changing. Sunday – Thursday 11.00 – 17.00 and Friday 9.00 – 17.00. Be in touch through

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    You’re right on both counts! Super amazing activity and Ami really is a mentsch!

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    We were there today – had a blast! Go!

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    Yes. Shoes would’ve been a big help. We had an absolute blast but we’re all (out of shape!) and in pain today!

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    we loved it. I would recommend wearing water shoes with grips as that would help massively. I consider myself fit but upper body strength crap and its upper body that does all the work. As a result – agony in shoulders for days after! My husband was v good at it so helped shlep me quite a bit! I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who does not want to get wet or get physical but if you happy with that then def go.

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    I must give a public shout out to Ami Ohayon of Aqua Kef. So many friends have told us this has been the highlight of their summer. Aside from being a super fun activity (which we haven’t done yet) Ami Ohayon is a mega mentch!!! I posted here mentioning that we had a rough summer (I had out of nowhere life saving surgery) and Ami Ohayon (whom I have never met/near spoken to) reached out to see how he can help my kids smile. As Ami Ohayon and I weren’t facebook friends his message went into the ‘other’ folder which I didn’t see. Ami Ohayon reached out to one of our mutual friends, Eli Mandelbaum, to make sure I knew he wanted to help. I am so impressed. Thank you Ami Ohayon. We can’t wait to visit AquaKef and meet you in person as soon as Drs. allow me to lift again!

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    I went with an 8, 12, 14 and 18 year old. Too difficult for the 8 year old and we (the parents) were useless to help him. 12 year old was too small to get herself back up, ended up in tears (and she is actually VERY strong). After getting exhausted trying to get back up ( with myself and the 18 year old repeatedly trying to hoist her out) one of the workers lifted her back up, and then she was slammed into by mistake before she got her breathe back and asked to leave. 14 year old (1.73 meters and strong) loved it . Was in his element. Didnt fall off. Got back on easily after using the slides. 18 year old (1.55 meters, not particularly in shape, fear of heights) also loved it. Felt an extreme sense of accomplishment at the end, and every muscle for a few days. I couldnt do a think, nor my husband. Couldnt help the younger ones as we were worse off then them. And if they over u cant necessarily see them I have been highly suggesting to people with teenagers. There were younger kids handling it, but u need to know what your kids can handle… On the other hand, there were women there more overweight than me doing it. There were charedi women in full robes and stockings doing it (despite how slippery that must have been) …maybe i gave up too easily. Literally i have felt so useless and scared (for the younger kids i couldnt help or even watch) in my life.

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    Brilliant! Went with grandchildren aged 6 upwards , plus the adults went on! .They had fab time and able to swim in Kinneret afterwards. Free Parking opposite. Enjoy!

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    Great experience with Tami Barak and kids. Surprisingly safe and well organized. Under 6 not allowed, under 10 wit an adult. Do it.

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    Another big thumbs up for Aquakef and the warm welcome from Ami. Kids aged 12 and 9 both had so much fun and very keen to return. Highly recommended for sporty, water lovers!

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    I have to say, we loved the fact that it is so relaxed, I thought the lifeguards had their eyes everywhere, including watching from the shore, and it was so refreshing to have a water activity where the whistle is not being blown every two seconds. I needed hoisting up all the time but it was such a good laugh and my four teenage kids who fight a lot more than I would like them to, really worked together as a team, bonding and being there for each other. When we were leaving, some older athletic looking guy came up to my son, shook his hand and thanked him. I asked what it was about and he said he helped him up a few times. I can assure you that ordinarily my son and this guy would not have reason to help each other out and it was so lovely to see.

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    We did a double session at Aquakef because it was such a blast !

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    We loved it. My 11 yos were able to do everything and they let us stay on way past 45 minutes.

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    My kids loved it! 16, 18 and 20!

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    AquaKef – AMAZING!!! I’m clearly older,more out of shape and fatter than I like to admit (even if the mirror is starting to show grey and wrinkles and I assume the mirror is broken, scales are never right, are they?)…..I took my girls during a women’s night and we had such fun, although I spent most of it trying to get back on…finally when a few ladies rescued me and said ‘It’s a boy!’ it was clear how much I was huffing and puffing…my 7 year old really couldn’t do too much and she’s a decent swimmer. My husband took my older son the next night and they got there before the crowd which was really great for them (basically 10 min ‘alone’ on the things before crowd) – they are more fit than I am(my older daughter was great on it!!!)…they also had a FANTASTIC time, but I’m happy my 5 year old didn’t go – he wouldn’t have been able to do basically anything other than cry he’s stuck or sit there and watch….

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    My family had a blast at Aquakef!! My three teenagers couldn’t get enough of it!! One daughter described it as “insanely amazing””!! It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip up north. My husband took my five year old on with him. 5yo. had a great time, husband had fun but said it was tiring having to lift himself and little one out of the water. Would highly recommend this activity! I had a great time watching them and taking pictures from the beach with my three year old.

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    My kids had a great time today @AuquaKef חוף גנים @ kinneret. Great family activity my kids helped each other. Kids 9 and under need parent. Get ready for a serious workout!!!

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    Can’t say enough great things about Aqua Kef in Tiberias. Super organized, reasonably priced, clean and loads of fun for both kids, teens and adults. Think balancing act/ obstacle course but floating on the water. Definitely a summer highlight and great excuse to eat at Decks after ( if one even needs an excuse).

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    My 13 and 15 year old boys loved it. My 18 year old daughter and her 16 year old cousin wished they’d been wearing more than a bikini under their life jackets… I was beyond thankful that I went in with a t-shirt and running shorts… I was also immensely proud of willing my almost 50 year old body up the climbing wall twice – once to jump from 4 meters up snd once to go down the slide… And then I just floated in the water watching the boys wishing I was in better shape! The day we went wasn’t crowded so we stayed in longer – they were generous with the time. The boys didn’t want to leave. Every single muscle screamed for a couple of days and my legs were bruised from falling down the obstacle wall and crashing into the hand holds. That said – it was fun and we saw younger kids have lots of fun too. My advice- take your kids with one super fit adult or older teen and watch from shore if you have no
    upper body strength. The beach to the left is free – good for a picnic and the water was great!

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    We went a few weeks back, had a great time. I did spend a good amount of time helping other ladies back up onto the float and out of the water. The next day I found muscles I did not know I had. I’d recomend it for anyone that has upper body strength.

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    Everything you wanted to know about aquakef, that they didn’t tell you, or that you didn’t know to ask. This post is for us over 40 crowd and/or out of shape adults and kids: It’s fabulous for the right crowd. It’s well organized and a great concept. I knew it looked like an obstacle course from the pictures, but what I didn’t realize is that in order to do just about ANYTHING, including mount that floating, fantasy land, from the very get go, is that you have to be able to lift your body weight. Over and Over. If you fall off, and you will, OVER and OVER again, you need to hoist yourself up onto that slippery, bad boy. WITHOUT the help of a ladder. Frumkeit aside, I had to rely on a few strapping teens to help my husband hoist my plus-sized tuchus back onto that island of kef. And, you will find yourself constantly helping yours and every one else’s child out of the water, over and over again. We had some good laughs. When I suggested to the owner (who seems like a super sweet, organized guy) that maybe the lifeguards could help people out of the water, he said it was a “bonding” experience for the group to help each other. The so-called bonding hurt the heck out of my arms. Anyway, the kids had fun. The lifeguards spent a lot of time on their phones. We all had to wear life vests, and even so, I thought it could be a bit dangerous. You get 45 minutes for your session, which prior to starting seemed too short. Had the session been any longer, I would have been begging for it to end. I felt like I was in a reality t.v. show. And that I was coming in last. Tomorrow, the adults in my group will compare aches and bruises. In short, in case I’m confusing you, I highly recommend the activity if you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s super kef.

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    Aquakef on the Kinneret in Tiberius, kids (8 and 10yrs olds) decided it’s the best fun ever, brilliant – v hot weather and hot inflatable so wearing water shoes was a really good idea.

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    Took all my kids from 11-20 to Aqua Kef today. It was amazing. Have to work on that upper body strength to pull myself up when I fell in the water. Could be good to have extra handles to make it easier for the parents to get out. My kids helped pull me out most of the time. All in all we had a great time. Looking forward to after Tisha B’Av when they said there will be separet hours for men and women.

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    It’s less than you’d pay for an hour inside at the trampoline parks, it’s better than the trampoline parks, and at Aquakef you also get to hang out at a nice beach on the kinneret when you’re done!

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    Shavua tov everyone. Thank you very much Deborah Dickson and Michael Dickson for your warm post. Glad you enjoyed. We were extremely touched and moved to read the comments of the people who visited the Park, had a good experience and shared them with others. Just a few additions. Regarding the time, we really try to give more than 45 minutes and we joggle according to how busy the Park is. This is not a regular Water Park but rather a Park in the water which demands physical activity constantly. When you are on, you work to get from one place to the other and mainly to get back on when you fall off :). If you come early (opens at 9.00 am) you will definitely get more time than if you come at 12.00. In any case, even people who are on 45 minutes feel that they had a good workout. Regarding the prices, there is a family price for 4 tickets and more ( for 48 NIS per ticket. Finally, regarding separate hours, you are welcome to book through the link as well for after 9 Beav. The separate sessions will be in the evenings from 17.15 till 19.30 (3 time slots of 45 minutes). Every evening will be alternatively for women or for men. The hours are filling up quickly so please plan your times accordingly. We look forward to seeing you soon at Aquakef.

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    We went today and it was fab. We booked to go on at 11.15 but they let us on at 11 and paid 48 per person . All kids from 7-13 loved it and it was plenty of time because it it genuinely hard work. We went to the beach after and it was a typical loud Israeli atmosphere ( which I love) . All in all a great outing

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    I think there is also a family rate. Very worth it! Very fun! Very well supervised and safe!

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    Deep water but everyone gets a life jacket so they float. Super helpful staff to pull you back up. Can’t recommend this enough; amazing fun and kids didn’t want to stop. Good workout for the parents too!

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    We were there yesterday, lots of staff, saw at least 8 of them. Everyone wears life jackets. However, it isn’t always easy for the young ones to get back up the thing after they’ve fallen in the water (it’s deep, you can’t stand), so they might get a bit frustrated and/or tired. Personally, I wouldn’t go with kids under 7. My kids (8 and 10) and I had a blast. Such fun! Will definitely go back.

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    Aquakef- kids (ages 6/5 and 10) had a blast and want to go again. I for the life of me could not pull myself back up from the water alone- it was slippery and i later realised that i had not eaten for about two days so that may have had something to do with it. In any case after waiting around for a lifeguard to pull me up a while and he did it pretty ungraciously I just stayed on near my kids and helped them get back on. Had there been ladders or grips to enable me to get back on alone I would have enjoyed it much more. (or even if my husband had been there to help me up…)

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    Great energetic fun – we all had an AMAZING time. Kids begging to go back. Ideal for teens and the kids. Harder work for the adults! Lots of comments in the group about this and on the link: They recommend getting there before 12 when it is less busy. Then we swam in the Kinneret on the beach next to Aquakef before heading back to Raanana.

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    We were there too. So much fun!

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    My 6 year old did it today with no problem and we all absolutely loved it– from 6 to adult!

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    1 July – Hi, just come back from the new Aquakef at hof ganim nr Tveria. Great fun, we had a bkast, adults too. We have teenagers but its good for all ages over 6. Recommended. It takes an hour which is enough very tiring!!! Laughed for the whole hour.

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    14 July -We had a great time at aquakef today!
    Great for kids 7 and up.

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    we really loved Aquakef. My kids are still talking about a week later. very challenging but rewarding activity. Highly recommended!!

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