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    We were there last week. Kids still talk about that, especially my 3yo!

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    Amazing amazing time at science museum in jm, 10, 9 yo as well as adults super entertained. we can easily spend at least 2 full days here. Highly recommend!!

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    I took my 2 and 3 yo boys, they both had a blast and we stayed for a couple hours. They didn’t “get” everything but they loved being able to touch everything and not get in trouble :):) and there’s so much cool stuff there to look at, I would definitely go!

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    We went there last year in the summer. My kids loved it. It’s good for 4 and 6 year olds. However, it gets very very crowded in the summer. So depending how you and your kids handle crowds I would either wait till an off season or get there as it opens so you can leave once it gets too much.

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    Science museum is free for under 5’s and great for kids – really interactive

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    We went to bloomfield science museum in jerusalem today. Spent a very busy 4 hours there and could have stayed longer . Great for kids of all ages. But not so stroller friendly… Especially when cowded!

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    went to the kids science museum in jslm today spent the whole day there. the kids had the best time. I would go back again and again!

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    I took Talia, Yosef and Ayal to the Bloomfield Science Musem, right near the Hebrew University and gosh they had a marvellous time! Without realising it they learned all about density, electricity, hydro-power, velocity and relative weight! It was so much fun and I loved watching my daughter Rachel give a lesson in architecture to all the children trying to build a bridge. She showed them how to place the wooden struts, to build the arched bridge out of huge polystyrene blocks, finally placing the keystone so that all the children who seconds previously watched in rapt attention could then jump and bounce on it in vain attempts to make it collapse!!!! It was the perfect place to take three children on a steaming hot day!!!

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