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    For all you last minute planners- Bustan Breshit now also has a camping site that just opened on their premesis. 75₪ per person if u bring a tent, 100₪ per person for them to provide you a tent.(have to reserve tents ahead of time). Price includes enterance to fruit picking place and all its attractions, plus enterance to pool on kibutz zavitan. – August 2016

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    July 2016- We were there yesterday. Plenty of blueberries there. Also picking nectarines and those yummy apple-pear fruit. Had a lovely time there and kids all made fruit pies too. Edit:call before you go to be sure.

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    August 2016 – Our first stop was Bustan Hagolan after the all-knowing FB told us that it was prime blueberry picking season. All of us had a great time picking and seeing the animals, and our 5-year-old did a pony ride too. Pretty sure we missed a bunch of other things to do there but had limited time, could easily have spent half a day.

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    If you’re up north, don’t walk, RUN to Bustan Bereishit (בוסתן בראשית) fruit picking. It’s by kibbutz ein zivan, near the Syrian border. We spent the morning picking raspberries, blueberries, black berries, apples and pears. There is a pinat chai, small ropes course playground, pie baking and for an additional cost, tractor rides and pony rides. The grounds are clean and beautiful, the staff is polite and helpful and my kids are stuffed with fresh fruit. We got here at 9:30 and will be staying until closing at 16:00.
    Tips – wear clothing you don’t mind getting stained, bring plenty of wipes, and a full picnic lunch. There is a small makolet in kibbutz ein zivan, a few kilometers away from the fruit picking site.
    – don’t bother buying the coffee, it was bleh
    – for those of you needing a little way to enjoy your vacation they sell wine too…
    – if possible, wear closed shoes
    – if you have a baby in a stroller, bring a baby carrier or plan on having one adult stay with the kid, the site isn’t the most stroller friendly, as there are almost no paved paths, lots of dirt and gravel.
    If you Google them, a number comes up right away, they answer immediately and can answer any questions.

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    Okay. We went to the bustan in ein zivan today. It was cute. Not the most spectacular event- but we still had a relaxed time. we went there and had a nice picnic under the beautiful cherry blossom trees. There were 5 minute pony rides for 10 shekels and tractor rides for 30 (we didn’t do that). but- aniam was a big disappointment. unless they had stuff earlier that we missed or maybe there’s stuff there tomorrow – when we were there there was basically just music playing. I hope everyone had a nice day!

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    August 2016- I was disappointed that we just missed blueberry season! But we went yesterday and had fun picking and making apple pies and the other stuff. My kids’ favorite was all the hammocks!

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