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    We really enjoyed Karasso Science Park in Beer Sheva today. Great for all ages and not super crowded. Under 5 is free and we got 1+1 with Leumi card.

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    We were also there yesterday. Spent 5 hours there. Kids ages 8-12 had a great time and asked to go back.

  3. 5.0

    We went yesterday and it wasn’t even super crowded. all ages enjoyed

  4. 5.0

    We are at the Carraso Science park in Beer Sheva, really nice activities. There are a lot of people here but it doesn’t feel too crowded. My younger 2 are really enjoying (ages 7 and 12) older ones (16 and 18) are good sports so they’re not complaining but there isn’t that much to interest them. I would say it’s a great outing for ages 5 – 13 obviously depending on the child.

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    As an adult I found things that interested me and most other parents seemed to be having fun as well, even noticed some adults without kids there. Some of the interactive games are for two players, like the race to get the parcels of your e-mail through the maze of server or the genetics gallery. I think the nuclear exhibit is something that will work for tweens and teens who are more likely to understand the concepts rather than just enjoy the interactive stuff. Seemed to me the madrikhim in the galleries will also adapt their explanations by age. In the computer chip gallery there were some 12-14 year-olds marvelling at the “ancient” tech on display – floppy disks, punch cards and dial telephones…I gather that when they are finally finished with all the planned exhibits there will also be working laboratories visitors can watch and more.
    Of course it will depends on your teens, how much they’ll enjoy “playing”, how much of the science they already know etc.

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    Didn’t get to check out the planetarium, honestly so many things to see and touch that we didn’t think to even ask about it. Forgot to mention the fun interactive fountain outside the main building where visitors are invited to turn the various taps 

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    Wewent with my 8 yr old 5 yr old and 2.5 yr old they all had an amazing time very hands on for all ages if u go to utube and type in beer sheva science park some clips come up so u can get a better idea

  8. 5.0

    ‘The promised report back from the new Beer Sheva Carusso Science Park/Museum. Absolutely fabulous! Was with kids aged 16 months to 8 years and everyone found plenty to keep them happy and busy. 
    We spent 5 hours there and didn’t manage to see or do everything, could easily have spent the entire day there and more. Due to the hot summer weather we mostly explored the indoor museum rather than the outdoor science park. Overall opinion of the adults was that this is a world class facility, mostly well designed and well thought out. Our Beer Sheva native friends decided to buy a year’s pass on the spot.
    Very hands on, lots of creative interactive exhibits and games that actually teach concepts (quite well I thought), but are also fun in their own right and fine for littles ones too young too understand the point of any of it. My science oriented oldest and friend loved it, and importantly accompanying younger siblings enjoyed too, ergo the older kids were free to enjoy themselves. 
    Aside from galleries on subjects such as communications, genetics, nuclear physics/atomic energy, the senses and the microchip, there is also a sort of play area called Ethaytek, which includes a soft play area along with games/optical illusions suited to various young ages, all the kids much enjoyed winding down here at the end of our visit.
    There were lots of madrikhim on hand to explain things, guide and help out when visitors had trouble making things work etc. Found all the madrikhim to be enthusiastic, helpful and fun. 
    In some ways it reminded me of a more modern high-tech version of Haifa’s Madatech, as it’s partly housed in a beautiful historic building with a science park alongside. 
    We brought our own picnic but there was a little refreshments stall near the scientific fountain outside with basic junk snacks and drinks. There is supposed to be a Cafe Cafe opening at the site. 
    Instead of a gift shop selling chatchkes there is a branch of the Gaia logic and scientific games chain with a fun table of puzzles and toys to try out, plus of course lots of tempting (and I suspect not cheap) logic puzzles and science kits for sale.
    Cons: Didn’t appear to be any nappy changing facilities (?!!!) in any of the loos I or the other parent with me investigated. Very odd for a museum that is so kid oriented. Also while for the most part there were ramps and lifts, in a few places these did seem to be lacking, perhaps I missed them. A few of the exhibits weren’t 100% complete yet and a few of the games/exhibits weren’t in working order, for which the madrikhim apologised. Not cheap. Would have been nice to have seen an opening offer for the first couple of months seeing as the facilities weren’t 100% complete. That said there was so much to do there that it wasn’t as if the not yet open exhibits cramped our style.’

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