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    My kids (5, 9 & 11) absolutely loved the water tunnels. Water came up to my 5 year olds hips st it’s deepest, but most the tunnel was much shallower than that. We then walked through a dry tunnel to the archeological park which was excellent.

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    Thank you Rena London for your recommendations. We parked at tachana rishona for only 17.10 for the day and then took a free shuttle shaar Yafo (shaar Ashpa was closed) walked to Ir David water tunnels with a tour (don’t bother with tours for little kids) we brought headlamps and crocs and walked one way through the water and back through the dry tunnels then had ice cream and took the free shuttle to Yad Avshalom for the free festival. My kids had camel rides, made flutes, weaved and hammered machazit hashekel. (So much better than Ein Yael) then the free shuttle to shaar Ashpa to the Kotel and free shuttle back to the car. A great day

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    The shuttle back from the end of the tunnel is 5nis a person but they don’t bother telling you that before entering the tunnel and we had left all our money in the lockers

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    1. It’s a fascinating, amazing insight in to Jerusalem for adults and kids, one of the highlights of a visit to Israel in my opinion.
    2. No need to go in to the water, there is an alternate dry route if you prefer
    3. You can arrange to be picked up by minibus at the bottom if you can’t handle the steep climb back up (especially recommended during the summer heat).

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    You have a choice to cut off before you enter the water tunnel to a dry tunnel. It’s not so exciting, just walking through a dry tunnel. I have done the water tunnel in November and in march and both were cold but fine. The kotel tour is completely different

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    You don’t need to book in advance but since each tour is limited to a certain amount of participants, if you don’t reserve in advance, you run the risk of there not being enough room for your group.

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    You just need shoes that can get wet. Amalya is correct that flip flops are not great because as you walk the pressure of the water sometimes makes them come off! Ideally a slip on water shoe or a shoresh type sandal with straps that keep it firmly attached to your foot.

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    You’re walking in water up to your thighs, probably kiddos waist. I always bring water shoes or sandals with a front and back; no flip flops. You’ll need to walk back to the top, though, in whatever you wear.

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    We just did City of David tour2 days ago w/the water tunnel. It was excellent.

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    You come out in a different place so no good place to leave stroller. ..we did it last summer. .I took 2 baby carriers …I carried baby. .father in law just picked up then 3.5 year old when he got scared and water was too high. .I didn’t find it difficult but needed 2 adults. .

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