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    My kids loved it and my daughter found a coin

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    Ir David Sifting Project – everyone seemed to have a good time. I was busy dealing with an emergency taking place an hour away from there so I spent most of the time on the phone outside the tent, but it looked like they all had a really fabulous time and I got good reviews. the only minor disappointment I had was I thought we actually get to go underground, but it’s ok – not one complaint from anyone and they found stuff (I think)…they all gave a good review. My toddler spent most of the time running around but I think that’s bc of chasing me on the phone, I’m sure had someone been there to help, the toddler would have also enjoyed…and they loved the official certificates at the end…highly recommended.

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    Today I.took my famiky ages 8 no ,3,5,7,9 to excavate from har habayit ! It was amazing !!! Everyone had.a blast ! Even us parents! No.complaints! Highly recommended ,affordable.,very entertaining and thrilling to.find artifacts dating back to the temples ! U.need to.reserve It’s 2 hours total . Very nicely done and super fun. Pesach 2016

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    Pesach 2014 We had a fabulous time yesterday at the archeological sifting at the Ir David station in Emek Tzurim in Jerusalem. But the best part was the walk down from the parking lot of the Mormon University (right next to Hebrew U. You can put עמק צורים in Waze)
    There’s a staircase/pathway down a huge hill to the tent where the sifting happens surrounded by stunning wildflowers. Daisies, poppies, wild irises, even some turmoses. (don’t know how to say that in English. At the end of the middle path, there’s an overlook to Har Habayit.
    You don’t need to reserve for the sifting, just join a group that starts every hour. There’s also a Haganat Hateva table that encourages people to plant rakefet bulbs in the area to preserve them. There’s a beautiful picnic area with huge trees where you can even bbq. There are bathrooms and a kiosk with ice cream at the end. The sifting takes a bout 45 minutes. The whole trip down and up took about 3 hours with 4 kids. And NO CROWDS. Great trip, recommended for young and old.

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