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    The dolphin reef has 4 Dolphins living there full time as well as many others that visit, a private beach, a dolphin viewing area, an adult only relaxation pool and bar as well as offering a diving with dolphins experience.

    If you are looking for a semi-secluded place to spend a day in the water with the family, the dolphin reef in Eilat is definitely a great option.

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    You can walk to hof almog from club in Eilat. At dolphin reef there is a swimming area next to dolphins, but you can’t actually swim with the dolphins unless you go snorkelling or diving, and even if you do go snorkelling or diving, you are not allowed to approach the dolphins or touch them, if they come to you then great. You can sit on the docks in dolphin enclosure with feet in water and the dolphins really come up close.

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    “Yeah so expensive. But we paid to get into the beach and it was really really worth it. They have docks all around the dolphins so you can see them up close. You can enjoy them with out swimming with them. We all loved it. They also had other things I remember like crafts for the kids, etc.. and the beach was nice and private.”

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    Went in May with my 2.5 yr old daughter and she had a blast! She didnt actually even go into the water but she loved playing on beach (which is a very nice beach in terms of shade), and walking on platforms seeing dolphins, and she also loved the peacocks walking around. Not sure what it’s like in the winter though.

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    “Dolphin Reef is a very nice beach, and again, they have wooden jetties where you can walk along and just sit and watch the dolphins or other sea creatures in the water. Most fun when madrikhim are handing out fish treats to the dolphins. Beach there is especially clean and well maintained. Expensive though.”

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