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    Ein Yael Review: We went with kids ages 0-12, adults, grandparents.
    Positive: very well shaded, not so far walking distance, decent bathroom facilities, each of the activities was ‘cool’ and fun for the kids and they really enjoyed each activity in and of itself, so the more the merrier
    Negative: There’s no one to explain the ‘history’/’reason’ why the activity is included there, there are staff at some activities and less at others – some more helpful, others they didn’t see any and couldn’t even figure out how to do the activity. more than that, i would have loved a ‘why where here? why is it called ein yael? etc?’…
    Helpful from here: Get there early. We got there about 10 to 10 and was perfect. By about 1,1:30 the lines were overwhelming us. We just didn’t realize where ot pay so basically walked in until someone stopped us and explained. It looks like a kiosk to buy snacks/drinks but on other side of the area is a ‘window’ to pay…ages: my 12 year old may have had the most enjoyment of all…good signage when driving so you do’nt get lost (I know because I ALWAYS get lost)
    Summary: Very very very happy children, but definitely not going to be a weekly repeat, although we do hope to go there again eventually.

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    I agree with the above: no buggies, be prepared to get a bit dirty/muddy, and my 4-6 year olds had a lovely day out during chol hamoed pesach (i think the pretending-to-be-slaves brick making from mud and straw was probably the source of most of the filth on the clothing…). enjoy!

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    its great for crafts and interactive activities. i’d recommend going without pram age kids as there are lots of steps and uneven paths.

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    Firstly, be prepared to get dirty in Ein Yael. I don’t know why, but we all come home REALLY dirty from there! You can take a stroller around but it is not always easy. We were there in the summer and different activities appealled to different ages. My 2 year old loved the clay and the painting on tiles, but didn’t really appreciate the other stuff. My 13 year old son really enjoyed making panpipes from bamboo, and he had fun with the clay and mosaics. My daughters age 11 and 8 found the panpies difficult, but loved the end result, enjoyed the weaving and all the arts activities. There is also pitta making that we did not do that is suitable for all ages, and at different times of year they offer special activities. I would say don’t take a crawling, toddling baby, and don’t take kids over 13 unless they are very “crafty”. We really had a lot of fun and go back regularly.

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    My daughter was 9 when we went last year during chol hamoed Sukkot. She enjoyed making pottery. The stage show was in Hebrew (bring seating). It is very hot and you will get dirty. I can’t imagine how people were able to push baby carriages around the site as it is very hilly. It is about a 30 minute uphill walk from the train station at Malka (from the way it looked). Most of you are young parents so it should be a breeze for all of you but if you are older and/or physically challenged it is a tiring day.We went afterwards to the mall to eat lunch. I think I slept 12 hours that night!

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    We just went there today. It’s a great idea, and the kids definitely had fun. However, I think it’s poorly run. There were very few madrichim, and they didn’t seem all that helpful. We were kind of left on our own to figure out what to do at the different workshops and they didn’t seem too prepared for large numbers of people. The pita making was great and the kids enjoyed making mosaics. There is a lot of shade.

  7. 5.0

    Great activity for all ages up to about 9 or 10 probably…. Pottery and pita making and a פינת חי as well as an archeological village. A great erev Shabbat activity. Perfect for a Friday.

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    Throughout the day they have other things going on including lots of tours (that takes you to the petting zoo), grapes juice making and now and arrow demonstrations.There are lots of signs to find the different activities and you get a page with all the activities and timing and explanations when you get there.Did I mention the staff is amazing? We went twice with different people and the second time, a staff member recognized us and stopped and chatted with my three year old when he saw us.

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    It is great – they have lots of activities to do and plenty of shade and the staff is amazing!

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    Just spent a great day in Ein Yael. We were there with kids ranging from 3-13 and everyone enjoyed it. We got there right for opening time (10am) so it was very quiet at the beginning but even when it got full it wasn’t too crowded. Lots to do and see, and it kept the kids entertained for over 4 hours, and we didn’t even manage to do all the stations. You need to bring your own food, because there is no kiosk but there are plenty of nice picnic areas in the shade. Also good value for money compared to what some of these adventure playgrounds charge. Highly recommended.”

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