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    For those wondering, I DID go to Sachne. We arrived before 10. It was not crowded (at any point) and we had our choice of shady spots to spread our mat + table. We basically got out of the water ever hour or so and drank plenty. At around 14:00 someone said it was 47 degrees (I believe it!), but now at 16:00 it’s only 42. Stayed nearly 6 hours. And whoever jokingly mentioned it, we in fact did not use our towels once.

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    BTW – you can swim in the water in Sakhne all year round as the waters are geothermally heated to 28C/82F. I go there every year in December and January when the place is empty and its amazing.

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    Sachne tips from a first-timer:

    1) bring a mat to sit on, greatly enhances seating options. Table, chairs and full inflatable cabana are also options…

    2) Do not, I repeat, do NOT blow up your water inflatables! All of the snack stands have air hoses! Glory be!

    3) Ignore your spouse’s objections and bring the bbq. It’s torture sitting next to your sleeping baby while the tantalizing scent of grilled meat assaults your senses FROM ALL DIRECTIONS, while all you’ve got are PB&J fixings and pretzels.

    Otherwise, was a fantastic day!!! Kids ages 8,6,4 and 1 all loved it

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    Wanted to thank everyone for tips for sachne yesterday. It was beyond amazing. I can’t blv I’ve been in Israel for 20 years and never made it there yet. It’s a MUST on the list of to-do. Parking was a minute away from the steps down to the water. Bathrooms on site. You just need floating devices (floaties, tubes, mattresses, boogie boards etc – all great ideas). We brought two beach chairs and parked ourselves right under a gorgeous tree. Lifeguard stations all around. We were there for three hours and I wish we had another three.

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    We took our 11 year old who is a great swimmer, but could have used those pool mattresses to float around and rest.

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    Bring floats for the kids, you can purchase there but really expensive. The water is deep so they can jump on and off the floats.

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