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    Geek Fair update. This is to offset those thumbs down previous comments. While it was an extremely long line, at least an hour (decided to use the time to say Tehillim) my kids, 11 and 16, did enjoy the experience going up in the dragon. I loved watching the 3D printing. In the not too distant future you will fill up your house with miniature figurines of yourselves like the man in the photo. There is some way to sign up to get into the movie and we didn’t know that so figure it out so you can get in. After the long first line we didn’t have the koach to wait in the Intel line. We did enjoy what we saw. And you can bring in food and drinks. They even gave us a cup of ice when we bought water. The only thing non kitniot we could find were 30 shekel potatoes. So maybe bring your own. While I wouldn’t repeat this event I’m glad we went and my kids thanked me too.

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    There is a small area for a two year old – brought mine today – the “smart wood” and the little play area for them which is all the way at the end. But it is really hard or anyone older to get to go to the things that are worth it when the lines are 30-60 minutes and a 2 year old will never wait that long. So be prepared to divide and conquer.
    I didn’t go to the things that were the most “worth it” sadly, because a) by the time I got there the lines were INSANE, and b) I had the kids with me least equipped to wait. I think the Intel tent, the drones flying, and for older kids at the end end is a booth of the Big Idea with cool stuff on computers for them. Worth going down to that end before it gets crowded. The car crushing claw and dragon you can operate looked so so cool – but the lines were ridiculous. Just way too long. I liked doing the science sadna with my kids that was up by the bubbles. THE KNOW IT ALLS have the BEST booth. Best booth! sign up your kids for Yael Schuster’s sadna as early as you can, because they fill up. Definitely the coolest for kids. And you can take your pics at her geek selfie wall with this… : )

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    GeekPicnic was great today! Kids age 6-adult really enjoyed. Sunny. No issue bringing in (some) food. Enjoy!

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    I thought it was disappointing, lines too long, no one paying attention to move the lines along. I didn’t feel they did anything outstanding especially given the very high ticket price.We just left, came at 4. I feel like we mostly waited in line. I am comparing this to a Google Geek Fair in NYC that was much better run, more fun, and free.

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    Just wanted to give my thoughts on Geek Picnic. My entire family loved- ages 16-8. Granted my husband is high tech geek himself ( he would have stayed there all day & night). My kids were fascinated – I recommend going right to Intel first & the space movie was great but I would save that until the end. There were great animation section, I met fashion designers who used 3D printers to make their clothing . The biggest highlight was speaking one on one with one of the guys who has a “bionic” arm . He told us about his injury & how the prosthetics saved his life. Very real & meaningful. Kids saw how technology can save lives. You are aloud to bring food/ beverages etc. I also recommend for kids 5/6 years old & up- very hard on little ones.
    Not really designed for them- if you can go at night – 16:00- 22:00 I would aim for that because we were there all day from 9:00-2:30 & we were hot! Bring lots of water & think out of the box!!! Enjoy !!

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    we were there today as well – agree with the reviews. i’m glad that we were treated for the tickets because i would really have felt like i shouldn’t have spent that money…

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    My 9 yr old went with my husband and in-laws and they all thought it was wow.It was different and interesting. Hands on stuff are always cool and my mother in law was amazed by how far technology has come and how much she doesn’t understand lol. Father in law loved seeing grandson having fun and also enjoyed experiencing something unusual.It was a total upgrade from going to a science museum

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    I will add to the reviews. We had a great morning – kids age 4-18. Lots to see and do. Started very busy but by 12:30 was quiet. We missed out on sadnaot but still got to try all kinds of stuff. Shows on the main stage ran late and were in the sun so no good for tomorrow. I took a picnic and we ate in a shady picnic tent. Most food on sale was klp and we could not find a place to fill our bottles. All exhibitors were friendly and answered questions and didn’t mind kids touching stuff. Overall it was a good morning out just not the WOW we were expecting.

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    Agreed. luckily we got to the signing up early. sorry we missed you there. The part my kids liked the best (they are non-techies and teens and above) was the prosthetic arm demo and discussion.

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    Dear All… Here is my summary of Geek Picnic today… It was fun for the kids, but not worth the cost of the expensive tickets. We parked at cinema city and walked. Gates opened up 20 min late. Best to come early and start at the back, since the lines got really long and the crowd control was not great. Many of the cool hands on activities require you to reserve in advance or enter a raffle – which I did not know in advance. The lightening show does not run during the day. We found many of the exhibits to be overly commercialized, and not really focused on teaching science or technology to the kids. Chag sameach!!

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    Seconding an earlier thumbs down for Geek Picnic. My kids were actually begging to leave (ages 1-10 – but the one year old had the most fun.) Every activity (of the few) for children had a long wait and the activity time for the child once it was their turn ranged from exactly 1-2 minutes. Met multiple families, similarly disappointed.

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