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    Givat Hatachmoshet today (sukkot 2013)- very nice few hours out and not many people there.other than the usual- guided tour, movie,museum, tranches to play in, a tank to climb– they have a self guided scavenger hunt which my 10 yo really enjoyed and some climbing activities- a small zipline and a rope ladder. it’s not very big but cute and the kids liked it. they have set up a sukka with art supplies so the younger kids can make suka decorations while the other ones do the more historical stuff. Kashrut questionable (it’s partly under a tree and the schach is a little thin). 20 shekel per kid over 5 and 25 per adult. all included except for sc. hunt (15 shekel)

  2. 5.0

    We went to Givat Hatachmoshet on Yom Haatzmaut. We got there soon after as opened at 9. There’s a film to watch as well as a half hour guided tour. Kids had fun climbing and running through the bunkers. Every year a different army is there telling you about themselves. This it was the tzanchanim. When we left at 12 it was really busy. We will definitely go back another year!

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