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    Hamat Gader is lots of fun even in the rain – as long as you are in the hot pools.

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    Like Arnie said, just adding that yes, there are parrot shows where the trained birds perform tricks, crocodiles and alligators and such. I’ve never stayed there overnight. it is all-inclusive. you can bring food – there is a special picnic area as well – and you can buy food. There are two cheap places to buy foods such as schnitzel or pizza and there are two “fancy” sit-down restaurants. And yes, its a full day out. Unless you want to breeze thru everything

  3. 5.0

    Never stayed overnight, but it’s a great outing for the whole family. They have a fresh water pool with water slide, mineral pool, petting zoo, alligator park, petting zoo, aviary, Roman baths and wonderful grounds. They let you bring your own food and drinks. Pack a picnic and spend the whole day. We loved it.

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    We went with kids 11 and 8 and loved it. Lots of families were there.with kids 11 and 8 and loved it. Lots of families were there.

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    We went today and had such a great time. A thoroughly enjoyable day out for all the family!

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    In the winter it’s great there! I love Hamat Gader! In the summer they also have an open pool!

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