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    When we were there our toddler couldn’t even run around alone in the tiny play area… It’s so crowded that older kids kept knocking him over. And he’s a big toddler. We came there, stood in line for half an hour and left after half an hour again. also, I find it quite absurd to use barbed wire to protect the clementines where a hundred kids run around.

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    Hapardes hakasum (listed in the fruit picking article) – a not so happy review
    It opens only at 10 and is quite pricey. 35 per kid, 25 per adult = access to an outside gymboree (one bouncy castle, a small soft play area without any shade, 100 different bimbas, soap bubbles, picnic tables) + making of one tiny pita per child + one page for colouring.
    They have a few roosters, goats and rabbits, but you cant call it a petting zoo because theres no petting.
    If you pay extra, you can pick clementines. Not sure which part represents the kesem from the name.
    Dont get me wrong, its a wonderful place, but a little chaotic and crowded and def expensive. Our son loved it, but I dont think we will be returning.

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