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    Having spent an amazing day with family skiing at Hermon wanted to share some info for those who have been thinking about it but not sure of the details.
    (Caveat….please don’t shoot the messenger – just reflecting our personal thoughts and experience here)
    Their web page (as above) is good and includes English option.
    Getting there – not easiest to find on Waze so we followed Ha Hermon (in Hebrew). Road 98 will take you to the gates. You do drive through a druse village before starting the ascent (so does everyone). When you arrive at the initial gates you pay as you drive through. If early enough they will let you drive all the way up to the slopes which makes very convenient parking . Otherwise you park at the lower car park and shuttle buses take you to the top (5 min drive).
    When – if you can, go between Monday and Thursday as there is far less people and quese (but still busy). Many will advice to arrive before 08:30 as you still have a good chance of getting a car space at the top, close to the slopes. Gates for cars open around 8am. Leaving e.g. Raanana around 05;30 and you are likely to arrive around 8. Also, if the weather is good the snow will remain fresh til about mid day or just after and then turn a tad more wet/heavy.
    The main season averages from end December to mid March (weather dependent of course). Snow this week is ok and apparently more snow is expected in mid Feb (I am told…).
    Kosher food ? – In the main building there is a “kosher food bar” that sell mainly salads, soup and hot dogs with bread. Not fancy but kids liked the food. Other option is of course to take with.
    – check their web sites for details
    – for least queue go mid week
    – to get good parking try to get there latest around 08:30
    – snow is best during morning hours
    – highly recommend ski school if required but book early at their
    office window as morning slots seem to be taken quickly (e.g. lesson for kids 90 min costs nis 110 and includes use of relevant ski lifts but not equipment hire… a great way of keeping kids bus
    – if you leave before/around 14:00 you may be lucky and miss the main afternoon traffic
    -don’t forget your sun glasses and sun cream and if it is sunny you will be amazed how warm it gets.. you may find there is no need for thick coats or sweaters (but water proof items is important, especially for the kids)
    – you should be aware it can end up as an expensive day (equipment hire, lift passes, food and entrance) so you may want to check prices in advance BUT in return hopefully you will have a fantastic day to remember, hence, getting there early is advisable

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    bring sunscreen and sunglasses. prepare for both warm and cold, its tricky, when the sun is out it can feel very warm, if it goes behind a cloud it will feel like its freezing. and expect to get wet (winter 2017)

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    PSA! Delicious kosher food at hermon! New kosher Shwarma place opened there! Feb 2016

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    There are 2 sledding areas plus just plain open space to play.

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    If you want to do a tiyul to the Hermon on a short winter Friday Alonei Habashan is I think the nearest shomer Shabbat yishuv you can stay at, and half an hour drive is pretty reasonable. You can’t walk there on Shabbat, but can easily spend most of your daylight hours at the Hermon if you want to and get to Alonei Habashan in time for Shabbat.

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    Just bring some plastic boxes and let the kids play with snow at the bottom. Strictly only 2 people per chairlift, very strict about that.

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    There are workers at the top and bottom to help you get on/off the chairlift. They can even stop the lift if needed. Part of the excitement at the Hermon is riding the ski lift! Kids of all ages love it.

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    Last time we were there, there were toboggans at the bottom for the kids. I don’t know how old your kids are, but if there is an adult per kid on the lift there shouldn’t be a problem. I did the lift with when my kids were 3.5, 5.

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    We went for the weekend and took kids (ages 6 and 9) and had a blast. Yes crowded but no long lines at lifts, more so for food inside. Luckily we packed our own food.

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    If you go during the week it should be ok, I would stay away on the weekend. We went on a low snow day on a Saturday and it was absolutely packed. My husband said ‘packed? This is empty!’

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