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    Took our kids to the Herodion this morning and we had a great time! I really recommend it to anyone in the gush/jerusalem area. We arrived early at 9 and it didn’t get crowded till 11 so we kind of had the place to ourselves! Went with 3 boys aged 7,4 and 2 and all had a great time. First there’s a movie indoors and then the hike up isn’t too hard (my 4 yr old did it). There’s arts and crafts for kids at the top and a fun show. There’s plenty of shady areas and bc it’s up high not too hot. Walking down through the tunnels was super fun for my boys (there’s railings but still have to be careful) and everyone was nice and helpful, and there’s shaded picnic tables to have lunch. Spent about 3 hours and had a great time! But get there early bc when we left it was getting crazy…

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