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    Get the Scaventures book and do a new Scavenger hunt/adventure for each persons birthday. The book is a complete guide to history, with maps, challenges and everything you need. The book becomes a birthday present and a memoir of the events. Y’all can find a place for a ladies lunch in any of the neighborhoods featured.

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    Would like to speak to someone

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    Israel Scaventures – Old City. Thanks to Shayna Levine-Hefetz we got to enjoy it at a group rate. We had a FABULOUS adventure. It was very well organized, planned and staffed. Coming from our background of having learned about old city many times, taken previous tours, etc, at one point an adult member of our group (who has been there MANY times) commented on places he didn’t even know existed. It was organized in a way where the kids and adults could also enjoy, but the adults may have enjoyed more…was very very well executed…I can’t say I would do it again at full price in a different location but for the group rate, I think I would definitely do another round in a different location.

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    We did an Old City Scaventure Hunt pre pesach one year. We had so much fun. Everyone had their ‘job’ so even our youngest who couldn’t read so well, had the job of putting the stickers on, and another child was in charge of the map etc. We learnt a lot and had fun navigating ourselves around the beautiful old city. We had a lovely guide too who told us extra stories about what we were seeing as we went round. Great family experience.

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    We went on Tali’s Old City scavenger hunt. We’d never done anything like it before and really enjoyed it. we did it with 4 other families, each in their own team. took our kids aged 10, nearly 8 and 5. each had they’re own role to play, and two hours was just right – the little ones wouldn’t have lasted longer. Learned about sites I didn’t even know existed and found out more about places we’d been to before. lots of fun! looking forward to the next route Tali puts together….

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    Did a Scavenger Hunt around the Jewish Quarter (Old City) – great, interesting and educational! Enjoyed by all ages.

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    We did a scavenger hunt in Nachlaot today and all had a great time. I very much recommend it. It’s fun and educational for all ages. My 6 yo had a great time and learnt a lot and my 4 yo had a lot of fun. I think older kids would definitely enjoy and learn more. It’s a great and fun way to do something different and educational.

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    Thanks everyone! Very helpful not easy to find tiyul suitable for three generations with differing abilities but this sounds perfect!

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    We went on Tali’s Old City scavenger hunt today. We’d never done anything like it…

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    So, we did the Gush ScaVenture yesterday and it was FANTASTIC! By the time you have completed the hunt and eaten your picnic, it is a full day out and one that was enjoyed by all! I make no secret of the fact that I am a big fan of Tali Kaplinski Tarlow’s hunts. However, she has outdone herself with this one! We loved hopping in and out of the car and searching for clues. And the addition of a couple of water based activities was a big plus!

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