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  1. 5.0

    IAF Museum. We went for the first time (for me after twenty years) mostly because I’ve been reading the hype on the board for a few years and was not impressed at all.
    Good: the history, variety of planes, the operational helicopters and planes also brought out, the operational fire truck the kids got to get drenched in the spray, the dramatic movie in the 707 is nicely done (line up was okay) and IMO a good choice rather than some history clips, quite long flyby of the vintage biplane, lots of parking, there was also English guided options, a station to take pictures in mini flight-suits and today’s weather was great.
    Bad: most planes are neglected, as well as many of the blingual signs, it really is a glorified parking lot, the five planes open for climbing into are in dilapidated shape, an indoor display of photographs is weak and poorly lighted, bathrooms insufficient, even for guys, souvenir stand (like at Latrun) just has cheap toy junk and no real exclusive souvenirs, no running water at the picnic area outside that is not kept. Kids did not have patience for the guide, so we ditched her early on and had them whine while we walked through the lot. 20 for kids 3-13, otherwise 30. I had to pay for it all so was not impressed :-s but the kids seemed to like it. I’ll give it a thumbs up but would have preferred to go with lower expectations.

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