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    Thanks for the great ideas – had a lovely morning picking flowers with the kids in Kedma – and now we have flowers for chag! Chag Sameach

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    We also went to Kedma today, on your recommendation, and had a really lovely time.. so just wanted to say thanks for posting!

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    We just got back from Kedma and we all had an amazing time. It is stunningly beautiful and the kids had a great time picking their favourite flowers. We went around 5:00pm and it was a great time; after the heat of the day.

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    We went with 4yr twins, 7yr, 13 & 18yr olds. It was a really nice outing for all of us. We took so many beautiful photos and well as a magnificent bouquet of ranunculus.
    Go. It’s great.

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    There are plenty of flowers. I think you’ll be fine even later in the week. It wasn’t overly crowded. There was plenty of room to spread out so it didn’t feel too full and we were there midday-ish which I’d guess is a busier time. There’s no real shade other than a covered area with tables where you can eat food you’ve brought along – so if the sun is strong, bring hats/sunscreen/water.

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    We went to Kedma and had a great day picking flowers and taking gorgeous photos! A tip – shoes can get very muddy so bring extras or be prepared to chip off the mud using the flower-picking scissors. Also, the 40NIS entrance is for your entire group and includes taking home one bouquet of wildflowers – our bouquet is gorgeous and very big! Lots of fun.

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    Was great fun!!! It was great for my 4-year old and 1.5 year old

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    A really special outing with plenty of beautiful photo opportunities. Was open 10am-7pm during chol hamoed pesach. costs 40 shekel per family. they provide you with what you need to harvest your flowers!

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