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  1. 5.0

    9 April -A great new ceramic painting place just opened in Beit Shemesh! KeramiKli is right near The Biblical Museum of Natural History and מרכזי ביג בבית שמש

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    23 April -Just want to give a great review for KeramiKli in Beit Shemesh. Fun for the whole family, great pricing, friendly helpful patient environment, totally worth it. 2 hour time slots.

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    23 April –
    Went to Be’er Tuvia for flower picking today. Loved it!! Then to KeramiKli in Bet Shemesh where we had a ball choosing and painting ceramics. It’s beautiful and spacious and the staff is helpful and lovely! Not expensive yet keeps everyone busy for hours. Highly recommended!!

  4. 5.0

    I took my kids to the new ceramics place in Beit Shemesh today KeramiKli. We had a great time. Staff was very nice and prices were fair. It was an easy, low key activity that we all enjoyed.

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