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    There is no cafe in the museum but there is both a very good cafe and a minimart right by the entrance to the site

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    (May 2014) -I wanted to take the kids and thought 9 days would be appropriate. Today was supposed to be the “coolest” day of the week and we came armed with hats and ice water. We got there at 10:00 and had a private tour. Then we saw the movie inside and walked around a little. Not much else there. Sitting in the shade was breezy (today) and very bearable as my kids “played war” on all the tanks outside. We totaled about 4 hours there with lunch, and my son could have continued but his sisters had had enough.

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    We took all our kids ages 2-16 and they all had a great time as did me and my husband..enjoy

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    It is VERY exposed there. We went on a warm February day and were boiling.Personally I would only go first thing in the morning or after 4:30 or so. (not sure what time it is open until), or wait until the Fall….

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    There is a fee most days (but i don’t remember what it is ). My kid from about 3 loved it as there are plenty of tanks to climb on (although you are only meant to climb on about 4 of them). There is a short film of the history of the tank brigade, there is information about the history of the place, a memorial to those who died

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    There are a few tanks which have ladders to make it easier to get on to, but most kids find a way to get onto almost all the tanks

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    Note that there is a whole section of tanks behind the museum that you don’t see when you first get there. Also, a movie inside.

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    I agree with the 2 hour assessment… no cafe there so bring food and drinks. There is a souvenir shop ( very attractive to children). The staff is extremely nice at the Tank Museum.

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    I’d say you could spend about two hours here. Aim for a time when it’s not super hot because there is little shade.

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