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    Madatech – took my 3.5 yo today at 10 (when it opened). Lines were atrocious (35 min to get in even though we purchased tickets in advance) , it smelled awful because there was no ventilation or air on in the building. Don’t recommend going during child hamoed.
    But I do recommend balagan at somet yagor ( weather permitting). Worth the cost.. spent 6 hours there and my son slept the car ride home until the​ next morning. Purchase Tix at coupon nofesh online for best Discount

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    Last week we went to Mada Tech in Haifa. It was AMAZING! Something to do for all ages, everything is interactive, there are water sprinklers in the outside part so bring swimwear or change of clothes for younger kids…

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    We went to the MadaTech science museum in Haifa and it was EXCELLENT – We had a 3 yr old, 5 yr old and 7 yr. old but it is suitable for older kids, as well. There are 3D movies that are for 7 yrs. and up and they had a really great sports exhibit – that was interactive and really hands on.

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    Other than the very interactive permanent exhibition which the kids loved, (aged 3,6 & 8), there is a temporary sports exhibition that they also really enjoyed. Activities included walking the beam, testing their strength, paying a simulated football on a floor projection, volleyball (wii style)….A very nice day out and Kids under 5 go free

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    We had an amazing 5 hours at the Madatech in Haifa. Thanks for your feedback! It was not too crowded considering it’s the last few days of August. We found free parking in one of the two adjacent parking lots. The temporary sports exhibit was fabulous and all the kids loved it and could have spent longer there. The permanent exhibits are great too, my kids particularly enjoyed the puzzle games exhibit (משחקי חידות). A great activity for the whole family, good value for money.

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    We went to Madatech, Museum of Science in Haifa and we loved it. Kids (twins 3.5 and boys 12 and 15) truly enjoyed, especially outside park, between 2 buildings. There is fountain on the ground that kids use for refreshing, many activities for smaller kids which are enjoyable for older as well. Museum grounds are on the hill (of course, Haifa) and there is nice breeze all the time when you are in that outside area and some shade. Currently there is space exhibition for people who love that, but definitely not interesting for small ones. We stayed 4 hours. It is pricy – 90 NIS for adults, I think 70 for kids over 5, and free up to 5 years old. There is huge discount for new immigrants, but only within first year of making Aliya (bring your teuda!!). They also have very good, big and clean area for very small kids and toddlers (kind of gymboree). There are no lockers, keep in mind. But very clean toilets.

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    Whoever suggested Madatech, THANKS!! We decided at the spur of the moment to head up to Haifa, so I checked here first and someone recommended it. It’s the perfect museum for kids since about 90% is hands-on and ‘please touch’ (unlike what I was told is at the ‘official children’s museum in Holon). The only downside to it was just the sheer level of noise from so many kids LOL I think it overwhelmed us all. (We ended up buying a ‘family of 4’ year-long pass and plan to go back several times to do the place justice)

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