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    We went to Mercaz Mahuti, next to the Tel Aviv museum. Very nice and interesting activity for kids 6-12 years old! The girls went around with an Ipad to anser interactive questions. Escaperoom style, attractive for the kids. It took more than an hour and after we went to the Saronna playgrounds and market. You need to book it before, reasonable prices

    Have fun!!

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    I have been…it’s good if you are into that sort of things – feelings etc. It was interactive which the kids liked and nicely done, it was certainly different, creative and the kids enjoyed it…! ¬†thinking back on it, for the price it was a very sweet activity!

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    I am excited to post about another “off the beaten track” activities for kids in Tel Aviv! Air conditioned, reasonably priced, and easy on the feet! My 13 and 9 year olds had a great time! The place is called “Mahuti” (“My essence”), located in the Cameri opera plaza. From the website, it was hard to get an idea of what we were in for, and we went into it “blind”. The tour guide takes you on a “journey” of self-discovery, to explore your child’s feelings, mood, dreams, slef image – in an “activity station” format of mostly computerized, creative interactive activities, with discussion after each one. Using creative channels, the kids can express their mood, analyze their self image and talk about their dreams. One station called the “inner observation room”, the kids pick their own music in headphones while watching relaxing images of nature, and then discuss how they felt. Very feel-good time. Tour is 75 minutes, 10 shekels per kid, free for the first adult.

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