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    It’s amazing–tour, craft, coffee and cheesecake! One of my favorite things. A nice couple hours

  2. 5.0

    Just went today. Was very cute- tour of factory which was interesting then coffee and cake and then we did an art project (picture frames). I went with a group so I don’t know if the project is standard. I could see it being cute with friends or a group. My 11 daughter really enjoyed it but my 6 year old was a little bored. I enjoyed it and am totally inspired by her story.

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    The Michal Negrin tour is wonderful!! Enjoy! Not far from beach, maybe picnic on beach afterwards?

  4. 5.0

    Just got back from the Michal Negrin factory tour with my 2 big girls (13 and 10), plus one baby brother. No strollers allowed, but I wore him and everyone was really nice to him when he crawled around the store! We all had a great time. Little movie, then tour of the factory (watch women actually making jewelry, and clothes), then coffee and cake in the gallery and shopping if u like. A great girly morning (and only 20 shekel each!).

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    We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the Michal Negrin Factory. We went 3 adults and 2 children aged 12 and 8- both girls. It costs 20nis and you can choose an english or hebrew tour. they also give each person coffee/tea/shoko and cake- very delicious cake!! We were very fortunate to meet Michal Negrin herself, although that was luck, as she is very often away and abroad. The factory tour was interesting, suitable for older kids. the shop is stunning. I must mention there is no parking, we found one close by, but there isnt a specific place to park. you do need to book in advance.

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