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    There is the Minkov Orchard, activity is aimed more at little kids, but it’s nice, and this time of year with the citrus starting to blossom should be a pretty time to see the orchards. Gives a nice nostalgic feel for the early days of Rehovot and the citrus orchards that once covered this area. Not a long activity.

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    I took the kids to the Minkov Museum in Rehovot. I called the day before to check that it was a suitable place for their ages (10 and 12). I was assured that the activity today was suitable for their ages and for kids until the age of 15! It was not!!! My kids were the oldest by far and were suitably humiliated The museum/orchard itself is quite nice to see, and we enjoyed our picnic in the shade there. But don’t be fooled when they give age guidelines for organised activities. Pre-Bar Mitzvah boys do not want to make model wells with 3 year olds!

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