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    We really liked the visitors center. There were videos not just about Ilan Ramon (which I found very moving) but also about the geological aspects of the crater as well as about the wildlife. BTW I think I read somewhere that Ilan Ramon had changed his last name to Ramon in his youth bc he loved the crater so much. If that’s true then it is a fitting memorial to him to have an exhibit about his life at the crater

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    Machtesh Ramon visitors center. 2 rooms devoted to the life of Ilan Ramon z”l, and 2 rooms explaining crater. Kids loved it. Reserve tour.

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    Oh, and btw if you have matmon card its free or greatly reduced!

  4. 5.0

    It’s a really well done exhibit, great for kids, totally worth it. If you are going during busy season, definitely worth booking in advance.

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    There is an Ilan Ramon exhibit and film and an exhibit and film about the crater, how it was formed and the plant and animal life in it. My kids loved it.

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    The Ramon info center has a worthwhile presentation in both English or Hebrew. You will learn about astronaut Ilan Ramon as well as the geology of the crater.

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    yeah Mitzpe ramon visitor center is fascinating!!! the exhibit there is cool and interactive. kids can play with some educational materials. tells the history of the crater. and there’s an AWESOME movie in the end about the wildlife in the dessert. one of my faves

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    Def recommend the visitor centre for this age group. There is a special exhibition on space and amazing views…can combine it with the desert animal zoo at the foot of the centre…small but interesting. Sde boker is pretty irrelevant but the school is a good and cheap place to stay…ein avdat is a wonderful park to visit for treks.

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    The Ilan Ramon musuem is part of a tour given at the Visitor’s Center. The tour lasts about 30 – 40 minutes or so….the ‘museum’ is part of it.

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