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    We had a wonderful time at ein gedi today. Highly recommend. Fun short hikes through lots of waterfalls we went in the afternoon. A second recommendation was Beit Guvrin. Awesome caves to explore and very cool in the caves. Both places have lots of steps. Managed with my kids incl 2 year old. Needed to carry him a bit.

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    Really your three year olds had no problem going up those narrow stairs? They looked pretty scary tome! And i remember my five year old complaining. What i do remember is that there aresome nice pools ,much less busy on the way down and it’s worthwhilke hanging out there for a while.

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    You won’t need the backpack for a 3 year old at ein gedi, which is Nahal David – after a few hundred metres walk in which is exposed and hot, it’s just loads of fun with short walks from one water pool to the next. We did it at shavuot time. Masada would be hard. Save it!

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    We went last year. My son had just turned 3. Masada was hard for him (he loooooooved the cable car though) We went in spring and it was already really hot though. Now it would be a killer. We went to Nahal David (next to Ein Gedi) the day after. So much fun!! Couldn’t get my son or his dad out of the water!

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