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    We did Park Hayarden many years ago because the bottom age limit was one year lower. Turns out there was a reason for that – the water flow was slower, which meant that it took a long time and required a fair amount of effort to keep moving. At Kfar Blum you can move along without a lot of rowing required. Just check the age limit – I don’t remember if it’s 5 or 6.

  2. 5.0

    Rafting in Rafting Nahar HaYarden. Suitable family activity for age 5+ followed by great kosher meaty meal in restaurant in the same place

  3. 5.0

    We’ve done Nahar Hayarden. It was nice.

  4. 5.0

    We went rafting at נהר הירדן. We all had a terrific time. Short wait to get started and it was not overly crowded. Cheaper to order tickets through their website before going.

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    WE went rafting through this place two years ago- was great and cheaper than the others…

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