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    We spent the day at Neot Kedumim, kids and 6,4, and almost 2 all enjoyed. We were impressed as we drove in – they had staff approach the car and charge the admission fee. Lots of staff directing you where to go. Despite walking on a sunny path, all the stations were well shaded. Everyone loved getting wet from the ‘well’ experience. Art activity, music show, play, well, watched sheep shearing, and enjoyed the views. Pesach 2016

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    Good for all ages. Neot Kedumim is great for small kids, space to run around, things to explore, ducks on the pond, nice flowers and usually some activities that work for them too. Last time we went we stopped by the activity tent where the older ones could make clay lamps and the toddler was happy to just play with a lump of clay, there always seemed to be a little kid option. All the kids could watch the play/demonstrations, try their hand at grinding wheat etc.

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    We went at succot and my just turned two year old loved it (as did my 4 year old and 7 year old) different sized succot to run and play in, lake with ducks, arts and crafts

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    We had a 9 and 11 year old, went there in May 2015. Their 2 favourite things were the dig for the day and tour at neot kedumim which included sheep herding. It was very hands on, meaningful and fun.

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    I guess it really depends on what you are looking for in an activity. We’re also local and love going any time of year, whether special activities are on or not. Space to run around, interesting plants to investigate, kids always love trying their hand at drawing water the old fashioned way or sitting in the different sukkot etc. And yes, have been taking my kids since they were tiny babies, obviously the 2 year-old will experience very differently from the 8, but we always find it fun, just adjust your expectations according to when you go because the experience of just having an easy going wander just you and your kids on a regular morning is of course going to be very different from visiting during one of their special programmes, like this summer’s Thursday with kids events.

    Remember though that in summer you need to at opening time or late afternoon (couple of hours before closing) because there isn’t much shade and it does get uncomfortably hot in the midday sun

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    We went twice with no activities and were unimpressed, then tried again on Succot with all the activities, and it was fantastic. My just turned 2, 4 and 7 year old loved it. Weather was cooler though, maybe go early, or late afternoon?

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    Went to the tour in July 2015. Priced at 40 shekel per person, or 150 for a family (when you call, check what ‘family’ means! The tours (in Hebrew) are running every Thursday through July and August. They start at 5pm and last around 3 hours. We left at about 8:20pm. I would recommend it for age 7 up – for actually getting something out of it. A 5 year old in a good mood would also enjoy it. Under those ages it is fine to bring – and the trail is stroller friendly, but they will find it hard to listen to the guide and may not enjoy walking (in the heat). Bring plenty of Water to drink. Recommend a toilet stop before the tour starts – and bring some food with you as nothing there to buy.

    Overall we had a lovely time. Although still warm, the weather was not too bad. We parked the car and met our Madricha who offered us ‘biblical’ outfits to wear. It was a shame she didn’t wear it herself as I think then everyone would have done, but a few adults and children wore them and this added a bit of fun.
    We set off on the trail and the views were really stunning. We learnt about how the park was planted from scratch and while a lot of this was aimed at the adults the children were interested too. The guide discussed the meaing behind some of the biblical verses that are set up next to different shrubs, explaining where they come from in the Tenach and what they mean.

    The best part for my son at least was herding the goats around a big enclosure just like in biblical (and present) times. As you can see he really bonded with the goats!
    We also enjoyed drawing water from a well and splashing hands in the cool water and a brief visit to a cave. There were explanations about how the old olive press worked as well as the grape pressing process – the Gat. At the end we went to ‘Abraham’s Tent’ where we made the dough and lit the fires to cook pitta. The kids crushed the Zaatar and we enjoyed a ‘light supper’ of pitta, silan, zaatar and labana and some sortof tea.
    A cute, educational walk/tour in nature. I think the price reflects the length of time and the content well, although the quality of your guide will make it great or mediocre. I guess it also depends on the size of the group – but stay near the guide instead of the back and that shouldn’t matter. Whatever I thought, my children really enjoyed it – especially as it seemed late to them coming back in the dark.

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