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  1. 5.0

    פארק הגשרים, near Haifa was so cute and fun and totally stroller accessible. A beautiful nature walk (with an option of hike as well) to an area with a few bridges from mountain to mountain, sweet and chill!

  2. 5.0

    The bridge hike in nesher. they have different length tiulim. we went to the furthest bridge and then over to the closer bridge and back to the parking lot. there were bathrooms at the beginning of the hike (by the parking) and then if you go down the hill to the beginning of one of the other hikes there is an amazing shaded park area. i don’t remember how long we were there for but it was not so long and it was really great. even me and my height-fearing son had a great time on the bridges! (free parking they also had a small kiosk type thing next to the bathrooms but i didn’t see what they had) 2. shvitzaria haktana in har carmel. we just drove down until the shaded picnic area and there were lots of picnic tables…all empty and we bbqed there. also, running water and bathrooms! (also free entrance. it looks like you have to pay but it was open to the public and i’ve been told that they stopped asking for payment a while ago). August 2015

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