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    There’s shade over the playground bit. We live next to it. The reason why it doesn’t get recommended is the hordes of people who go in the afternoons and evenings. It’s lovely first thing in the morning (or on a regular Friday)

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    Surprised I didn’t see it recommended here, but we are having a wonderful time at Park Anava in Modiin! Huge grassy areas, shaded picnic tables, man made lake with ducks and geese, great playground with extreme climbing for older kids and tons of swings, plenty of room for everyone. And a smallish sprinkler area that’s on for 30 minutes every hour. We got here at 11 and there was plenty of parking, by 12 the family who joined us had to.look a little harder but still found. Bring a picnic, no barbeques allowed. Enjoy!

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    Paddle boat in Modi’in is great, the adventure playground there is good too. It’s opposite the Azrieli mall which has several kosher, some mehadrin, eateries. If you are going to Holon in the morning then you can definitely go to Modi’in on the way home

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    We went last year and it was great fun. I remember being told to go in the LATE afternoon as there is a lack of shade. We went boating around 4:30 and then picnicked in the park. Was great fun

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    Just keep a tight hand on toddlers near the pond, the railing isn’t so solid and it’s easy for little ones to slip under and run toward the water, but just high enough to be harder for accompanying parent to jump over and run after them.

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     If you are looking for a lovely winter activity around the Modiin area with young kids I really recommend Park Anabe. There’s a lovely stroller friendly walk past a stream with winter flowers and butterflies, and a large park area with playground equipment, dinosaurs and a duck pond. Its opposite the Kanyon with lots of restaurants and there’s a kosher Kaffit at one of the entrances.I can’t believe it has taken us this long to discover the lovely little tiyul round the back. Go down the Kaiser path and take the path on the right, with the playground on your left. (Dec 2014)

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