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    We took kids ages 0 – 15 (about 20 altogether) and was fantastic. Was a bit busy as it’s during vacation time, but other than that, there’s a beautiful bike path straight from the bus stop to the mitakin (playground). The playground has a lot of unique equipment and really had stuff for all ages. It was a bit hectic/busy for us to fully enjoy but we want to try again at a time when it’s quieter. Decent shady areas, picnic areas, bike paths, water fountain. There are a few stalls but they’re ‘portable’ facilities so be prepared….All in all, a great day out with kids.

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    Yes! We were there today too and had a fabulous time. Spent two hours because that’s all we had but could have done all day.

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    We were there today too! Thanks for saving me a write up! I will add – there are not many water taps, so take lots of water, hardly any rubbish bins, so take bin bags, and certain places don’t have much shade because the trees are still babies. But still a great place for a family picnic and fabulous parks. It was busy and we still had fun. we were 7 families together. Oldest kids were 18, youngest is 4 months. Every age in between. Teens hung out together in the park or helped younger kids (or ran across the rope bridge professing that it was just to escort the younger kids).

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