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    Recommend planetarium in Netanya here now and they have a great line up of activities for all ages (here w kids age 1,7,10,12) not too packed and could potentially fill a whole day. Pesach 2017

  2. 5.0

    Planetanya. After reading reviews, I baked on 2-3 hours there for my 9, 11 and 13yo. We arrived a little before 3, and it closed at 6.
    First, we heard a lecture (interactive, aimed at kids. Not dry and boring) about space, gravity, forces, etc. Lecturer had a load of the kids up as volunteers in experiments and demonstrations. Lecture lasted 45 mins.
    5 mins later, they did a sadna. It was about flight. Making paper aeroplanes and gliders. Talked about the forces involved in flight. Lift, drag, etc, and aerodynamics.
    10 mins later we were booked in for a movie in the planetarium. All about the universe, stars, galaxies, the planets in our solar system.
    Your ticket allows you to do one sadna and watch one movie show. When your arrive, they book you in for certain time slots to do the workshop and movie according to age/interest. From what I saw ok the tickets, there were 3 or 4 to choose from.
    By the time that was all finished, there was only half an hour left to investigate the science garden, which was like a playpark. Not huge, but enough to keep them amused. The security guard started yelling at I’d that it was time to go even at 5:45, even though it doesn’t close until 6.
    We could have spent a little longer there if they hadn’t thrown us out early, but allow a good 3-4 hours: our sessions really led on immediately one to the next and there wasn’t any hanging around between activities, and we weren’t done by choice in the 3 hours.
    It might be possible to play in the science garden without buying a ticket, as its (outside) before the payment booth (inside), but I’m not sure.
    It is all inHebrew but many of the employees spoke English, to explain what/where to go/do but programming is all in Hebrew.
    It’s in south Netanya. We put פלנתניה into Waze, but its along the main road

  3. 5.0

    My kids all enjoyed something there we had boys ages 13 and down it really depends what ur kids like my 5 year old didn’t want to sit through the movies. I would say it’s really good for all ages depending on the kid. But each age there is something for everyone – like the 5 year
    Old didn’t like the movie but he loved the hands on stuff. I love the fact that they really had basically Something there for everyone. Oh also forgot to mention – if u are a netanya resident it is 35 shekel.

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