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    Thank you once again Deborah Dickson your Pesach post about the police museum was super helpful. I made sure we got there right when it opened – we got such personalized demos, was great. by about 10.30 the crowd started but we had already seen a good chunk of it and managed through the rest. We left at about 12.45 but we probably could have drawn it out longer had we wanted, but it was enough so we came home (still recovering from late seder night). They had so much cool stuff going on and we really enjoyed, staff was helpful, friendly, eager, etc (did not easily get annoyed at kids)….THANK YOU!!!

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    They have a tour it’s about 1 hr. You can also go around on your own. They have some uniforms you can dress up and take pics they had coloring and movie. There is an out door area with grass and 1-2 picnic benches. If you want to go somewhere nice after park Britannia is a nice place to picnic it’s just down the road 15-20min

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    We were there about 3 hours including lunch and we didn’t get to everything. We only left because it got way too crowded. I’m pretty sure there are some picnic tables outside. There are lots of interesting booths outside, a show, old police cars in another area outside, a short movie, a coloring activity, and the regular indoor exhibits. You should be fine there for 4 hours if you are also eating lunch. It’s good that you are going early l

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    Was at the police museum today, kids had a great time, but we missed the police dog and bomb robot live demonstration, so posting here for others, the demonstrations are only at 11, 12 and 1 , kids did have a chance to go into a police car, have their fingerprints taken, wear a real police uniform, bullet proof vest, and other exhibits, lots of fun and free 🙂
    We did it with stalactite caves The extra stuff were set up outdoors, maybe they’ll do it indoors in the rain, the actual museum is all indoor, but the extra stuff are all outdoor

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    We went today. The kids had a great time. We only went for an hour stayed mostly indoors

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    Just want to thank you for this boys (and us grownups smile emoticon had the most incredible day.stayed for 3.5 was really a very special day out

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    It wasn’t too bad in the heat, but we did the outdoors exhibits in the morning before it got so hot. Then we went inside in the air conditioning for a while. We went back out for the 12 o clock show and then the heat was pretty brutal bit it wasn’t such a long show and we went back inside after.

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    We were there too!agree with all the above. My 12 year old daughter loved it too, not just my boys ( who I assumed would love it.)

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    We were there today with a 5 1/2 year old and 17 month old. It got pretty packed around noon, but in the morning it wasn’t bad at all. There was a lot to do and see and my 5 year old loved it.

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    Huge shout out to the Israel police academy in Bet Shemesh
    בית מורשת משטרת ישראל
    whose open day kept my kids (boys age 6 and 8) fully occupied and excited for nearly three hours. Intro movie, nicely presented museum about history of police in Israel, demonstrations of all the different units including helicopter, dogs,and self defense plus nice hands on staff like police uniform dressing up, camoflaging and fingerprint taking (even if your kids are well behaved ) and some modest but nicely done take home goodies (magnet pics, quiz and fold out paper police car). All that plus a police brass band/quartet! And yes it was free! All the staff were super nice and welcoming. Situated in west bet shemesh industrial zone (between entrance to BS and RBS on the #38). I think last day tomorrow 9.00 till 14.00. If you miss it this pesach then bear it in mind for sukkot as I imagine they may do it again. (Check the fb link here).worst critique would be the innate jingoism but I think I’m too sensitive. כל הכבוד למשטרה שלנו ☺

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    We went to the police academy today. Planned to leave at 9 (HA HA) left at 10.45…. The parking lot was pretty full. Got there just in time for the movie and museum hadracha. The movie was OK. the hadracha I guess was interesting, had a small problem of hearing as there was no loud speaker and tons of people. They had shows on the kids loved (dogs etc) it was hot. Plain hot. No shade. But they were organized with cold water and lots of nice cops walking around. All in all up to age 10 enjoyed. Go early! Less people around the tour guides and not as hot! Oh and did I mention it was free? (including the magnet picture guy)

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    We just came from there spent 3 hours. Busy but not super crowded. Entrance is free.

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    Definitely recommend. The special activities (eg–dogs, krav maga, etc.) were not available given that chag is over but we saw the movie and did the tour. Was able to pre-arrange a tour in English. We all (from age 86 to age 10) enjoyed.

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