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  1. 5.0

    Super place for grandparents and grandkids. Lots of safe space for kids to run and climb, new and interesting things every time we visit, nice store with friendly staff. We even bring blocks of paper and draw the animals – rhinos come up VERY close…

  2. 1.0

    I didn’t see a single person who enjoyed the night safari. For the price of the tickets, IMO, total waste of money.

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    Ramat Gan Safari Park- can’t recommend highly enough! Fab morning- been there for four hours- kids and adults had a great time. It is all shaded which is great even though was hot, it wasn’t terrible. The zoo is great and the kids loved the Safari drive especially at the end when Zebras and Giraffes were by our car…and a little frightened by the lions!!
    Really really great day out will go again… Kids are now happily playing with toy animals we have at home and “dear zoo” and “Rumble in the Jungle books” where they are so excited that they saw all these animals. A great day out 

  4. 5.0

    We did the ‘dusk’ tour which is after the park is closed to the public. They take you on a train thru the park. We all loved it, it was great! We went with HiTech Zone if I remember correctly.

  5. 5.0

    We were there today. Was amazing. Tons of animals out. Was full, but not too crowded. But expensive!

  6. 5.0

    The lady at the zoo explained to me that most of the animals do not spend the night in their zoo habitats, but are taken to a special facility to eat and sleep in the evenings. so people shouldnt expect most of the animals to be there if they go at night. (the ones you listed may be the few that do stay in the zoo)

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    Night Safari -My husband and kids just came back from the Safari Ramat Gan night time thing – and they all HAD A GREAT TIME. They said it was really good. As my mum always says “different people like different things.They saw – hippos, bambis, ducks, pelicans, wolf, camels, elephants, giraffes, bats, turtles, hyenas, leopards, porcupine, donkeys, alligators and I think that’s all

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