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    It was a good morning activity. Suitable from age 3+ I would say, but you might want a good parent to child ratio for younger kids

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    Friend just came back from there and posted photos. She took her 8 and 3.5 year-old, they seem to have had a great time. Rolled out biscuit dough and shaped with cutters, rolled chocolate balls in assorted coatings. Nothing you couldn’t do at home, but it’s different when it’s made by Roladin I guess, plus the mess is theirs… They got to see the production floor through glass windows. The family seems to have really enjoyed the outing and they recommended the tour.

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    We had a nice time. My son was just about within the age at 10. I wouldn’t take older kids. They do a little “baking” (actually just rolling the dough etc.) but we didn’t get to see so much of the factory.

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    Oh, I had a devil of a time finding it! The road you need is האופה 1 in the Kadima industrial area. The road is easy to find. Roladin is not! Turn left at the roundabout (the street is on both the left and right) and Roladin is at the end. There are flags outside but I was expecting a factory and it’s a cafe front (where they were doing shiputzim) with the tour upstairs. Have fun!

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    Roladin Factory tour in Kadima. We had a lot of fun making cookies and understanding about the factory

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