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  1. 5.0

    Really good playgrounds at Sarona, across from Azrieli. Also- next to the little kids’ playground, there are benches that play songs when you sit on them. And very good kosher l’pesach pizza at “Agvaniya”.Sarona is a big open-air area diagonally across from the Azrieli mall in TA (that has a train station.) there are 2 big playgrounds (for littler kids, up to 5yo, i think) and for big kids. lots of stores in old, restored buildings. lits of interesting things like the singing benches. a lily pond. etc. signs on the buildings explaining about them. Agvania עגבניה is a kosher pizza place in Sarona. you can also get guided tours – i think you have to reserve , there is info on the site. btw, one of the underground areas was the site of the israeli air force’s first shop for repairing planes. The playgrounds are marked as רחבת משחקים. during the holidays (pesach, summer) there are usually also free plays for kids, and things in the evening for adults. the info is on their site. i hope it will work soon. i think this is fine for what you want. we had a picnic there once, next to the little kid’s playground (on the right in the map.) We were there with a 2 yo and a 4yo, they liked the little kid’s playground. of course, someone had to be with them. i do NOT like the indoor market. very crowded and almost no kosher food. in sarona itself there are 4 kosher places, i think. the pizza, two beit-cafe, and something else.

  2. 5.0

    There is a museum/ visitor Center there with a great tour. You need to book in advance. It was really worth it.

  3. 5.0

    i went to sarona and really liked, you should go, it is very nice to walk around and very cute shops.

  4. 5.0

    It’s the cutest place ever! But I never went on weekend

  5. 5.0

    Food at Roy much better!! Went to biga and was so disappointed!! The playground is right by the entrance of sarona market. Not sure about seating inside because we sat outdoors at both places

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    Sarona has a great playground but aimed more for age 5+ IMO and it’s quite shady but not great if it’s humid and hot. The market is beautifully done but only two kosher eateries if that’s an issue. I was quite saddened by that but it felt like a real European market in that sense. It’s all inside.

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    Parking was easy for us in the underground parking. Nice vibe but very crowded. We ate at the kosher restaurant outside bigA-really nice meal.

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    my kids brought scooters and had a nice time scooting around while my husband and i enjoyed a meal. it is very chilled out there

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    May be a little young for your kids but there’s a great park just outside the indoor area. My girls spent a bit of time there before and after our meal. The outdoor area is really beautiful.

  10. 5.0

    It has a European trendy food market feeling, similar to borough market in London if that means anything to you but all indoors. And air conditioned!

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    We went in the summer with kids 7, 5 & 2.5 and they loved the playground could have stayed longer lots of green space to run around, we also decorated cookies in the cookies store, they enjoyed walking around the food market, there is a kosher creperie, deli and bread shop as well as a kosher cafe Biga outside

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    I went to Sarona Market this week in Tel Aviv. Really nice. The market is full of upscale stores and restaurants – mostly not supervised kosher, but there is Carmeli bagel and a place that makes outrageous ice pops. Outside there are beautiful grounds – including playgrounds for kids. There is a Templar tunnel (need reservations) ,a gallery and unique stores. Someone was teaching dances. All in all a lovely place to go with or without the kids.

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