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    Shvil Hasalat- my kids all loved this- I didnt think we would like it at all and we only went because our friends were doing it, but we all enjoyed it. There was a weird break at one point that we all thought was going to be a 5 minute break- turned out to be a 30 minute break, and that was annoying.

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    Went to shvil hasalat today.
    Kids (13, 11, 10) admitted to not being super excited about it when I first told them that Id booked tickets (partly the 2-hour drive from Jerusalem), but said afterwards that they’d all thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Tours are available in English and Hebrew, and we even had a choice of times for the English tours. Tours need to be booked in advance. It’s a long way to go to be told that they’re full and you need to turn round and go home.
    Took a small picnic to eat before, but we’re big fruit/veg eaters anyway, and could easily have done without the picnic.
    Learned about different technology and innovations in farming, bio bees, drip irrigation, upcycling, ate different types of tomatoes, cucumbers, (not brae enough to try the spicy peppers), various coloured carrots, oranges, kumquats, strawberries, various greens,
    When it’s not pesach, you can make pittot (as you do in just about every attraction in this country!!).
    Then we learned about homing pigeons, and some of the kids let them loose at one side of the farm, so they’d make their way to… the other side of the farm.
    Stopped off at ben and jerry’s in Beer Tuvia to break up the drive home.

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    Went to Shvil Hasalat today, booked a tour online (50ns each) it took 1.5 hrs from beit shemesh, no traffic. Went with kids aged 11-18. tour was 2.5hrs and involved visiting different stations around the farm. really informative and interesting – saw how they grow strawberries raised in the air, tasted yum herbs, picked orange, white and purple carrots (who knew?) and potatoes. Ate different varieties of cherry tomatoes and learned about pigeons and their homing instincts. My older kids were a bit put off initially b/c all the kids in our group were about 7 and under but i think (hope) they enjoyed it. On way out we stopped at the playground, next to it was a grass football pitch with goals, kids loved it. we spent ages chilling there.

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    Recommend shvil hasalat down south for interesting educational kid friendly activity – we booked an English tour, learned lots and kids had great fun picking different coloured carrots, different herbs and potatoes .

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    We went today. Carrot picking. Potatoes. Herbs. Tomatoes. Etc. It was excellent.

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    Shvil hasalat is great. I was there with a business group but considered going back with my kids. Lots of things to learn, pick and then eat what you pick.

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    We went and had an amazing time. Our kids ages 13 to 4 loved it.

  8. 5.0

    Absolutely wonderful experience. Ever eaten a yellow carrot or seen all the 20 tomato varieties israel has developed. You can stop for a coffee/Druze pita at havat Phillip before beer sheva. Besor nature reserve is near shvil hasalat.

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    It’s lots of fun – for any age

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    We recently (Jan 2015) tried to go on a Friday but were told that there were no Friday tours at this time of the year. Obviously check before you go!

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    We were there. It’s pretty awesome! But it is far. We spent the weekend down south and went on Friday morning.. Not sure how long the drive is but you will definitely enjoy.

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