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    I’d say the only way Superland is worth going to is with discount tickets and don’t need to schlep too far to get there.

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    “Superland” is Hebrew for “Mediocre Land.” What a let-down. Packed, filthy, many rides closed. Rides for older kids did not open until 11:30. Why? “Well, that’s what we are doing today.”

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    Best day to go to Luna park is on Yom hatzmaut. I went a few years ago and it was empty, no lines, jumped straight on all rides, didnt have to get off some just continued the ride. So much fun everyone’s too busy having bbq’s

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    more to do at superland- Both good and fun! Longer lines at Superland; Luna Park much more contained! Have fun!

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    Considering going to an amusement park with my kids ages 6-13. looking for recommendations. What’s the difference between Luna Park & Superland?

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    Superland is surprisingly very nice with some great rides. Lisa (above) is correct – you have to pay full price no matter what. And her bringing a friend sounds good too, someone to go on the rides with, but there aren’t any rides there where you must have a ‘partner’. I went on the ‘big’ roller coaster myself and had a great time Language should not be in issue there at all… don’t worry & have fun!
    Btw, you can easily spend all day there. It’s not as small as I thought it would be, and for two of the rides the wait was over an hour (this was in the summer).

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    My kids (4.5 and 7) are driving me up the wall to take them to Superland on Hannuka. Has anyone been? I have an almost 2 yr old as well and am not sure how we’ll manage if I take them alone, as the site shows that my 4 yr old needs me with him on many rides….it also says many of the rides are appropriate for a 2 yr old (with and adult) but will they ask for I.D? she’s a month away from two….Thanks to anyone with answers!

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    Superland = Superfun! I really recommend superland in Rishon if you are looking for a fun day out, with a real holiday feel for all ages. We went with kids aged 3-13 and they all loved it! So did all the adults! It is not cheap but worth the money as you get loads of activities for the money. I think though it is best to go around this time of year or succot when whether is perfect…I think it would be far too hot during chofesh hagadol!

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    I’ve been to Superland a few times and even I like it… But maybe I’m easier to please than a 15 year old I went with kids who are 13, 10 and 9, and they loved it too. There is also a section for younger kids. I’ve never been to amusement parks in the US, but I think it’s nice. I prefer the water parks (Shefayim, Yamit 2000 etc…), but that may also be a personal preference…

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