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    Keep in mind you can only rent 4 bikes per Teudat Zehut/credit card…

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    There is plenty for the kids to do at the port. There is a really good bike area too – you don’t need to take your own – like a mini assault course thing – with mini ramps – suitable from littlies – without peddles even up all the levels and ages. There are games on the ground to play, waves to jump in – lots to look at – and ice cream shops!
    Renting and riding bikes in the Namal for older kids . 12 and up. For my ten yr old we brought her own bike since we knew she wouldn’t reach the pedals…

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    I took my 8 yr old and her bike to namal TA last week. Rode bike while I walked. Stopped at fun new park – with omega lines, ropes to climb, fun slides and swings. Cafe cafe for brunch and then off to the beach

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    There are some new, really nice playgrounds at the namal in addition tithe small but nice sprinklers near iceberg. Park for free at reading or pay for the northern namal parking lot.

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    Awesome day at namal tel aviv and shuk hacarmel. the new parks are amazing including a park with zipline. the fountains and icecream at iceberg were a big hit

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    There are two playgrounds. They are amazing. covered, suitable for different age groups.

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    Kosher lunch/dinner options:
    Cafe Cafe – typical dairy cafe chain fare. Mehadrin.
    Oshi Oshi – sushi/Asian cuisine. Very nice, but still kid friendly and while not cheap, is not crazily expensive for what it is. 
    Bariba – styles itself as a healthfood/fish gourment restaurant. Very nice food, and in our experience friendly, helpful staff. They do have a kids menu. Nice place, not cheap but good for the quality.
    Lehem Basar – standard Israeli family meat diner type place. I thought it seemed expensive for what it is.
    Picnic – more of an option in the cooler evening hours I think, but plenty of benches, especially by the Yarkon, also some picnic type benches in the playground.

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    We did the same thing on Sunday, kids loved it and the street water was the highlight! It’s right outside Iceberg ice-cream place. The heat was unreal, even in the shaded playground (which is ok for half hr), but then you walk along the tayelet and get splashed by sea water to cool off. Great day.

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    Namal Tel Aviv- so we had a great day at the port. Amazing playgrounds, picnic on the grass by the water, sprinklers, boardwalk, ice coffee and ice cream….Kids from 4-13 all enjoyed and asked if we could come back every Sunday! Only one thing I would point out, which is that while the playgrounds are all beautifully covered and shaded, there is no seating in any of them. All of the benches are on the main path in the direct sunlight. I had to nurse my infant sitting on the playground floor, which was not very comfortable to say the least. So if you’re planning to sit and relax while the kids play or if there is any reason why it is difficult for you to be on your feet for too long you should just be aware. Other than that it is a great, inexpensive outing and we look forward to going back!

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    Namal Tel Aviv (after all the comments on the group we had to see for ourselves!). We had a blast in the park, on the swings, hammock and omega. Searched for the water fountains for a while, and found them behind MacDonalds. The highlight of the day. Ended off with a stroll on the tayelet and supper in Lechem Basar (Kosher, meaty). A really great day. Thanks to all the people on the group who made it possible.

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