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    We had a great time at Tel Dan which was an 8 minute drive from Kibbutz Dafna where we were staying. We got there for about 9:30. Apart from a huge youth group who we tried to avoid, there weren’t many people around. Beautiful, shaded and fun cold pool at the end. Suitable for all ages. Manageable with a baby in a sling. Afterwards we went to Kanyon Nechemia which was 10 mins away for lunch. Plenty of kosher food to choose from plus SuperCofix and a free mini soft play area!

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    In Tel Dan you are walking by the water and have small pools to wet your feet

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    We did tel Dan with our kids last summer when they were 6,4,2 and 1 and I was pregnant. It was great. The cool water was totally welcome as a break from the heat but it was shallow.

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    Tel dan is also a really nice water hike that has a cute wading river at the end for the kids to play in it was a hit with my family.. it really depends on ur kids

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    Tel Dan was also fun, not free but I liked it.
    There are two trails. One is 3/4 of an hour and the other is 1.5 hours. Both are circular, but more worthwhile to do the longer one

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    We did Tel Dan today with 5 kids ages 6 weeks to 13….everyone enjoyed! We did the longer route and It was easy enough for me to manage with the baby in a carrier, and so beautiful. It might not be a strenuous “hike” but the other kids all enjoyed because it was shady, breezy, and wet. We loved it, but I guess you have to know your kids. If they need something more challenging you might be better off elsewhere.

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    A nice summer water walk with decent shade most of the route, plus the Tel Dan archaeological site telling the history of the area.
    Nearby is the memorial to the Ason Hamasukim (helicopter disaster), worst crash in Israeli history. Though the crash was in ’97 the memorial is quite new and beautifully done, a very moving site to visit, especially if you aren’t familiar with the story. It’s between kibbutz Dafna and Shaar Yeshuv, when I was last there is was clearly signposted from the main road.

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    I think there is a wheelchair friendly tiyul, as well as easy children hike level route. We did this tiyul with baby in a backpack, a 3 year old who needed a bit of a carry and encouragement (quite long) but enjoyed it and was filled with a sense of achievement at the end, and a 6 and 4 year old who LOVED the tiyul. You are always near water with opportunities to step into it across stepping stones etc and the icy cold pool at the end is great fun. Highly recommend.

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    April 2014 -Went to Tel Dan in the far north today. It’s great! There are different hikes for all different levels- both paved and not, a small wading pool for kids to splash in, an archaeo site, shaded tables to eat at. It is easily a full day, and free with the parks card. It was really busy, but because the site is so big it didn’t feel crowded. We went to the banias in the morning. It was more hilly hiking than ideal for my kids age 9. Not bad, but tel dan, and also nachal snir in the area, are much more suited to younger kids.

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