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    The Old Yishuv Court Museum is one of the gems of the Old City. It has another shul (less well known that the Hurva) and examples of how people lives in the Old City during the siege etc. and previous years. It is tiny, but worth it. They occasionally have free days -if you get there early, it isn’t so packed. But the hours are weird, so always check before.

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    After the Kotel? Come up the stairs back into the Old City. Come back to the Cardo, take the stairs up to the right of the Cardo -(don’t forget to say hi to the Chabad store to your right that sells Reveal Cards)-there is a street that leads up again that is steep -go up that street. The Museum is on your left about 3 minutes up. Note -you are allowed to pass the street up and go get coffix first. (Cardo Coffix is just to the left on Chabad street)

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    This s also great for school age kids. There’s a whole room at the end for dressing up, crochet, coloring, and a few other activities. The room across from it is covered with pictures of child brides and grooms that aren’t much older than grade school age. It’s actually fun watching preteen children see those pictures and realize in their heads that that could be them in a few years. “Bubbe Bryna” gave us our English tour a year ago and she was excellent. The group consisted of adults and children between 1 and teenage. Everyone had a great time on the tour. She presents some of the difficult matter in a sensitive, matter-of-fact way that makes it seems less awful than it should when you really digest it. (For example, 60% of children in the Old Yishuv died prior to the age of 10. Not such a fun fact and none of the children cried upon hearing that stat. Phew.)
    So, I’m really glad Abbi shared the link because this museum needs to have far more attention than it’s gotten. It’s a nice little gem in the Old City and one of the few that is truly family friendly.

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