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    Don’t go in August! We went yesterday at about 1.30 waited 45 minutes to get in and once we were in it was so crazy packed there was nowhere to sit, each ride the kids had to wait at least a half hour for and the pool was dangerously overcrowded with an insane amount of kids. Was not a fun experience at all and we and the kids were more then happy to leave, very disappointing.

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    we were happily surprised with this place. We thought that our ten year old might find it a bit boring but she was very happy there as were our other children. When we arrived there were kaytanot so went back inside the Azrieli kanyon for an hour or so until the large group of kids had left. After that, there was more space for us and we had a lot of fun. (On the site it recommends arriving after 12.30pm.)

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    give them your parking stub on your way out of the park, and they will swipe it. it will cost you 25 shekel up to 63 shekel worth of parking. usually it’s 15 nis/hr.

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    I need to thank whoever it was that recommended the (water) park -park ha’ay on top of the ta azrielli mall. It is the perfect place for a very pregnant mom. My kids are 10 and 7- they were able to run around on their own, have fun while one of the workers there brought me a more comfortable chair to sit in and I just sat in the shade. I must also thank the person who told me about the parking validation -if I hadn’t read it here, I would not have known. You pay 25 shekel and get 63 shekel worth of parking. We ended up paying a total of 34 shekel for parking instead if 72!! Thanks everyone for the idea

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    Another good review for the Pirate Island at the top of azrielli, we had a great time, we arrived at 3, left as they were closing at 7. 4 hours was plenty of time for my 3 and 5 year old who had a blast. The pool is small enough that you can watch them really well from the deck. Lots of shaded picnic spots. My kids enjoyed the trampoline with the harness, walking across the rope bridge, playing a few arcade games, and going on a really simple little train that goes around in a circle but for some reason was really fun. This place isnt huge but its so nicely done, and I thought it was worth every penny. 3 was a great time to go much less crowded and there was a nice breeze it wasn’t even hot.

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    Just some extra comments on the park- I would not recommend bringing a child under 3yrs. The staff there are fantastic and there a many watching the kids in the kiddie pool, slides- i was really impressed by this, It’s a FULL day out with lunch in between so come early. If you go through the games room you will find a small rooftop train.

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    Was an amazing day out! Was perfect for my kids aged 3 and 5 and i would say up to the age of 12yrs. We were there the whole day, took a lunch break and came back. Was totally worth the entire adventure. We also took the train there and it made it a full day of fun. Highly recommend!

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    I think it’s perfect for 4 and 5 year olds. I would say that 11/12 years old is probably the maximum age that would enjoy it. My almost 14 year old came along for the ride and ended up wandering around the Azrieli mall. There is a climbing activity for older ones which my almost 10 year old loved. My 6 year old abandoned the climbing but loved everything else. The ship is not really daunting and the slides are not too big. The water is pretty shallow and I would say that water confident 4/5 year olds could play happily under your watchful eye if you weren’t keen to get in. It is a safe, reasonably staffed environment where you can pitch camp and let your kids run around and play without worrying if they are not permanently in your sight (out of the water!). It was busy though. Have a great day!

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    I went today and my kids are 5,6 and 8 and they were fine for most of it but a few bits they were too big for, it’s aimed more at 4 – 6 i would say. Most of the little kids 3 – 4 were in the small pool which has a pirate ship in with a small slide. (I’ve just looked at some images and they look much scarier than it actually is)There are 2 small bungee’s (?) with the trampolines underneath that don’t go high.there is a rope-ish walkway up high but my scared 5 year old did it with ease. he loved the big water slide too and kept going on it (the picture of this makes it look huge but it really isn’t)There is a train too that goes round in circles.My 8 year old loved another rope bit that you are harnessed into but that is designed for the older kids.Hope this helps a bit

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    We just went Friday with 4 and 6 yr old and they had a great time. There are small slides that go into a kiddie pool, they played there most of the time. They also enjoyed the train and walking thru the ropes course (sorry I don’t know what you call it but there were bridges made of ropes). My 6 yr old went on the bumper cars as well. They both tried to go in the haunted house but were too scared.

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    I also say the morning because there is lots of shade then. And we were there the whole day as well and it got very full after 12 pm.

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    We were there the entire day and it was difficult with 3 kids by myself. My 3 year old could only do the pool and train ride but the 5 and 7 year olds wanted help with the other activities so I had to keep dragging my youngest out of the pool

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    Not at all in the morning…I’ve been twice in the last two weeks and each time it was crazy packed till 2 and then almost emptied out after, there is plenty of shade so that’s not a problem

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    Go in morning when they are open is shaded and not to busy till 1 pm

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