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    Israel museum (Nano scroll and Dead Sea scrolls the free English animation film was excellent and worth seeing before visiting the scrolls) (Kids ages 10,8,4)

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    Just spent a whole day at the Israel Museum. Went for the Ancient Egypt exhibit and kids activities. My 8 and 9 year old did an art activity and a clay workshop. 3 year old had a story hour. Ended up walking through the other exhibits too and the gardens. Got there at 10.30 and wasn’t too crowded at all. Lovely day for all!

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    We were just there today and had a lot of fun! There were very good informative videos for the kids- how they make matches , and how other artwork was made, and we loved the shul and Jewish exhibits too! We spent 5 hours at the museum, which is a record for my kids – aged 1-10. In 2011

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    My kids are younger (6 and 3) but I was just about to post how much we enjoyed the children’s wing. We paid extra to do the activities in the courtyard, had lunch at Modern and also spent about an hour in the regular part.

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    I really can’t stand the children’s wing exhibits. Every time I’ve seen an exhibit there I felt like the curators have never once spoken to a real live child or has any idea how children think. And my favorite is when they put exhibits in the middle of the floor that aren’t touchable. In the Children’s Wing.

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    There are usually summer activities in the youth wing and recycling room, but only till 2:30ish. My kids love the Bet Hamikdash model, and we are looking forward to seeing the rebuilt shuls, especially the one with sand on the floor.

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