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    This is the first morning of somewhat calm , relax and tranquility. I am reflecting back over the last few days and as a smile fills my face i can truly say that the success of the wedding and shabbat chatan was down to one person ….that is Tomer!

    When Joe first announced his engagement and told us that he was going to only marry is Israel the first person with out hesitation that came in my mind was Tomer! How right we were. For you above anyone else have done this with all your heart… col navsecha ou be col meodecha! Tomer put his heart and soul into this as if you were doing it for you own children and this is what shows.

    I know the effort , hours, and frankly sheer hard work that you have put into these few days have been long and tireless.

    these hours were never in vain…the fruits of your labour were clear to see.

    We cant thank him enough…….

    Be simcha ou be ahava .

    I pray that he will always succeed to continue to make simachot on this level , to make people happy with the knowledge of the warm trust, truth and understanding of a simcha that he brought and the organisation of this.

    I value every bit of advise he gave me and in all the decisions that were made.


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    Living in England and organising a wedding in Israel meant that the party planner I chose would have to be extra efficient and super capable. BH not only did we get that in Tomer, but we got very many extra’s that we could not have envisaged, being our first wedding. Tomer’s exceptional devotion made our Simcha stress free, with his meticulous planning of even the finest detail.

    This was most significant to assuage my husband’s desire for Swiss precision and eye to detail.

    Given the success of the first wedding we made, BH eight years later we were making a wedding for our son, also in Eretz Israel. We had no hesitation in using Tomer as our party planner. We expected a similar experience to the one we had eight years earlier, however, Tomer astonished us with his hugely expanded and highly refined services he now provided.

    There was no stone left unturned to make our Simcha the most beautiful, warm and truly unforgettable experience.

    I could not say enough to praise this capable and caring party planner… Tomer.

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