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    We just participated in a candy-making workshop at Tomo Candy in Ramat Gan. Tony the owner is bilingual and great fun with the kids. They made a few types of candy which is made with all natural ingredients and they took home a goody bag. The candy is kosher. Highly recommended!!

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    We went yesterday to Tomo candy.. We made our own candy! It was such a great experience and for all ages! It was in Ramat Gan… Need reservations in advance but highly recommended 🙂

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    Enthusiastic and unsolicited recommendation for ToMo Candy Israel in Ramat Gan. Six kids age 17 down to preschool age all had a great time, and so did their parents!

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    Adding to the other recommendations for the Tomo candy workshop. We all really enjoyed. It’s a great activity that works for different ages.

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    We also went today with a group of 9, ages 3-67. We all had the best time. Tony was even amazing with the 3 year old and included him throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

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    The hype on this page about TOMO candy Israel is all true. We went today with a group of 11 ages 5y-80y and everyone had fun, even those who were skeptical at first. Tony is funny and really keeps everyone busy and engaged in the process. And of course, you get to taste candy and take home tons of candy. A fun family activity.

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    The candy making workshop at Tomo in Tel Aviv was unlike any other hands on workshop we’ve done. Tony was super knowledgeable, fun, and we made a lot of cool things, not to mention ate some incredible sweeties. Kids ages 6 and 3 absolutely loved it, but we, the parents and other adults in our class, I feel like loved it even more 🙂

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    Tomo Candy making – such a fun experience – kids (and mom) loved it. Highly recommend!

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    We took 4 kids ages 3-11 last week and it was outstanding! 130 NIS per person (besides the 3 year old). Tony included everyone in the candy making process. Highly recommend. Located in Ramat Gan.

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    We (my parents, my two older kids and I) went to the ToMo candy making workshop yesterday in Ramat Gan and had a really great time! Tony was such a pleasure to have leading the group—-professional, informative, and lots of hands on fun. He was particularly good at giving each of the kids (and grown ups actually!) jobs so that each kid felt that they had lots of turns to do a ton. He was positive and extremely patient with the kids and was exceptional at fielding all the “can I have a turn?” Or “hey I wanted to do that” type of usual kid complaints.
    My kids (9 and 8 years old) had such a good time, as did my parents (60s) and I.
    Was happy I didn’t bring my toddler but there was a toddler there from a different family and Tony was amazing with him as well.
    Highly recommend!

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    Tomo candy, such a great sadna and the sugar high was fun for all. Highly recommended

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    Great activity for kids and adults. Interesting facts that I had no idea about colors and candy making thanks for a good time

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    We had a great time! Igor and Katrina were friendly and entertaining… and we left with some delicious hand made candy!

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    Was at lol and pop tonight with my son. Really sweet and patient couple run it. Awesome time. Yummy candy. Really fun time.

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    We had a great time at the Lol & Pop workshop. The kids learned so much and had a lot of fun. Igor and Katrina were wonderful!

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    We took 6 girls to this wonderful workshop for a ninth birthday party and each child loved it so much – our other 3 daughters want to do it for their birthday. We loved the learning part but the kids loved making the candy and taking it home. I think everyone had a very positive experience.

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    Visited with 2 girls 7 and 10 years, had a fabulous time, the place was small very clean and very well equipped, The Couple extremely helpful, spoke English and knew exactly what would interest the Girls.
    There were 2 boys there, about 5/6 years and the Couple were able to interact at different levels with the 2 groups. They are new Olim and motivated that all enjoy. I hope they expand their business and do well.
    Arrive earlier then your time, as certain hours parking is a problem.

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    Highly recommended! LOL&POP candy workshop in Ramat Gan.
    We all really really *really* enjoyed today. The small (all handmade, 100% natural, kosher with teudah, gluten free) candy shop is run by a fantastic couple who arrived in Israel a year ago and opened LOP&POP three months ago. They are amazing with kids and very passionate about their product. Workshop is about 1.5 hours, maximum of six participants (we were four boys and girls ages 11-14). We all learned a lot and took home loads of beautiful handmade sweets. Great for all ages (they say over age six, but wonderful for older kids and adults too). Enjoy!

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    i took my son, daughter in law and granddaughter to Lol and Pop and I can’t say more about what a terrific place this is for people of all ages. Katerina and Igor instinctively know how to differentiate the experience for all of the candy makers. They were attentive to each of us and we all came away not only with a lot of natural candy but with knowledge about the process. Ii highly recommend LOL Pop!
    Joyce Buckman
    Teaneck, N.J.

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    Went to a workshop with my 10 yo today – we both had a great time. Igor and Katerina were lovely, and very attentive. They made sure everyone got to have a go at the different stages of the process – which as brilliant especially for the kids. Loved the fact that only natural ingredients are used, and the sweets were delish! Looking forward to tucking into the box of flavoured marshmallows we bought for shabbat. Highly recommend!

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    What an amazing workshop. was just three of us and we couldn’t believe how time flew. Igor and Kateryna are such lovely people and have a beautiful story to tell as well as a great skill to teach. I hope their business is a huge success because they really deserve it, A real treat in every sense of the word.

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