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    Apparently this place closed as of 1/10/2017.

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    Go to צפארי. In Ganei yehosua there is a great play area for the kids. Once you get into the צפארי there are the birds, a small petting zoo abd the best part junga junga which is a huge gymboree and play area. I took a three four six and nine yearr old and they played there for two hours straight.most credit cards offer one plus one in addition all the kronor give reduced tickets.Most important there is shade there.
    They have an area for the three to five year Olds and an area for the five to twelve year Olds Besides the gymboree area there ate big inflatables and a tiny tots area for the young ones. It was great. My girls who are 22 and 24 had a ball with the kids. If it’s not crowded they are very laid back. We wet at about 12:30 after all the camp groups left. It was like a private playground. We spent hours there.
    The three four six nine twenty two and twenty four year old spent an hour and a half in just the gymboree area.then the younger four first started on everything else

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    What a great place. Ganei Yehoshua is wonderful as well, which you walk through to get there – could easily have spent the day at Ganei Yehoshua instead or in addition to it. Went with grandparents, a 7 year old and two 3.5 year olds. All enjoyed it – from the birds and snakes and other animals you can touch, to the toucan show, to the play area. Spent 6 hours there. Could easily have spent more. The kids got held up at the gymboree area and would have loved to spend more time there.

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    We were there as well today with my 4 year old. It was great, and not too crowded and best of all we picnicked in Gan Yehoshua right outside when we were done. We were especially impressed with the Parrot show

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    I went today with my kids ages 11 and under to tzipari in tel aviv. My kids had a blast!

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    Today we went to the Zapari with my one year old, 2 parents and grandparents. It’s a wonderful place, we were there for 3 hours, but could easily have spent longer. Great selection of birds (impressive for the adults too), snakes and a small petting zoo area. Very accessible location, funny parrot show and an excellent play area for all ages – climbing/jungle gym things for up to age 7, soft play for little kids, giant building blocks, colouring tables etc…all in one big spacious area.

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