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    Wanted to extend my thanks to the awesome vendors that helped make our son’s bar mitzvah special and exactly to our taste- while our prefered attire is pajamas, our son prefers trendy clothes and dancing and music. Eliyahu Kanush from Holy Simcha DJs had the volume level perfect for all the songs my son and his friends love, had them up and dancing the whole night.

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    Holy Simcha Entertainment has many options to make your simcha different, they are not just DJs! Our daughter didn’t want much dancing at her bat mitzvah. Holy Simcha made a carnival for us instead….booths with all sorts of games and activities, including a huge Jenga and Connect Four, as well as a full scale game show with a big screen and buzzers, which all the guests loved participating in. They have tons of options and will work with you within your budget. It was a totally different type of simcha and everyone loved it!

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    For those looking for a DJ company that can take the burden off of you while making sure the event is lively, on-schedule, and meaningful, I highly recommend Holy Simcha Entertainment.

    Planning our first daughter’s Bat Mitzvah was a daunting task, but thank G-d for Holy Simcha Entertainment, it made the process so much easier. Holy Simcha helped us plan the timeline for the event, the music that would be played, and the overall vibe we were trying to achieve.

    And when it came to the event itself, Holy Simcha was awesome! They set up all their gear ahead of time so that when guests were arriving, the music was already welcoming everyone in. The music was high-energy, and they had guests dancing throughout the night. They custom-tailiored the event to our daughter’s wishes, and ultimately she had the best night of her life. Our family was able to relax and just enjoy ourselves, while shepping big-time Nachas from seeing our daughter have such a fun and meaningful event with her friends and cousins.

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    I just have to give a shout out to all the wonderful people who made my son’s bar mitzvah a success. We made Aliyah just three months ago and I didn’t know where to start. Thank you Adena Mark Kapon for the excellent advice. Eliyahu Kanush from Holy Simcha Entertainment kept the boys moving, and dancing.

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    We just had a Barmitzvah on Monday night 31st October, 2016, and we absolutely loved Eliyahu Kanush of Holy Simcha . He was amazing, managed the whole function, made it such an enjoyable and memorable occasion for everyone especially for our son. We highly recommend him for your simcha. He is on Facebook and his number is 054-7775306. Mazaltov!

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    Just wanted to share with everyone what an amazing job Holy Simcha’s DJ did at my daughters bat mitzvah. The variety of games, lights, music, prizes etc made the party so fun for all the girls. We used them previously for my sons bar mitzvah and they are getting better and better! Highly recommended!

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    My daughter’s bat mitzvah went so beautifully due to the magnificent work of all the professionals we hired. Thanks to everyone, my husband and I spent every minute caught up in the celebrations, not having to pay any attention to the “behind the scenes”.

    Thank you to:

    Eliyahu Kanush of Holy Simcha Entertainment for giving our family the most rocking party. You delivered exactly what we asked for and kept the party rocking and partying until the last minute. Our feet hurt and we are still smiling weeks later.

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    Hired Eliyahu Kanush​​ of Holy Simcha Entertainment
    for our son’s Bar Mitzvah party based on the rave reviews I read here and other pages and was so happy I did! He was amazing to work with and my son had the time of his life. Highly recommended!

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    I’m new to this group and I’d like to recommend Holy Simcha entertainment. We used them for our daughter’s bat mitzva and were extremely happy…. They are experts at choosing the right music for the crowd and getting everyone to dance

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    Eliyahu Kanush and Holy Simcha Entertainment made our son’s bar mitzvah party everything we could have hoped for: Eliyahu is so flexible and helpful and accommodating – he provided just the low key but heimisch live music we needed and included all the songs I requested! He also threw in fun games for the kids and a lovely slideshow complete with music and great montage! All in all, Eliyahu made the avira just right! Highly recommended!!!

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    Rivkah Adinah Kanush is the greatest DJ! I had her for 2 bar mitzvahs so far and she is amazing!

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    If anyone is looking for a DJ I just had my daughters bat mitzvah and we got THE best DJ! Rivkah Adinah Kanush from Holy Simcha is just unbelievable. She rocked the house! The girls loved her. She brought such great energy to the Simcha , my only regret is that I didn’t have her at my other two previous daughters bat mitzvahs . Thank you thank you thank you Rivkah adina for making my daughters special day unforgettable!

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    Hi everyone, I want to make a recommendation: We just threw our first Bat Mitzvah and we used DJ Holy Simcha. I have to say they were amazing from start to finish. From our first conversation Eliyahu was almost always available with tips and helpful suggestions, and amenable to our requests. At the party DJ Rivkah Adina kept the girls moving all night to the music that we wanted to hear. And they were both right on cue with presenting our videos and backup for our presentations. They are perfect for any simcha!

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    I wanted to say what an amazing Simcha we had with DJ Eliyahu Kanush from Holy Simcha ! He engaged my son’s friends through games and trivia and also pumped up everyone on the dance floor and brought so much energy to the room! My family from the states said they wanted to take him back with them ! We are excited to have holy Simcha once again at our daughters upcoming bat mitzvah IH.

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    Eliyahu was easy to work with , very on top of the planning and had great advice. My son said his friends had the most incredible time and called it best bar mitzvah party yet . Eliyahu’s energy was great he added a ton..we used his assistant Aylam for magnets and a mini recap video. He also was great to work with and we are very happy with the results.

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    Holy Simcha Entertainment Eliyahu Kanush will not disappoint! Eliyahu also had lots of great advice and tips prior to the Bar mitzvah and helped keep the flow of the evening!

  17. 5.0

    Music by Holy Simcha Entertainment I have to say Eliyahu Kanush took the time to really get to know my son and listen to his music tastes. Music was fabulous. Country style guns and roses was amazing.

  18. 5.0

    Shout out to all the people who made our bat mitzva so special!
    To the inimitable Eliyahu Kanush at Holy Simcha Entertainment for rocking the house and the dance floor as always

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    DJ – Eliyahu Kanush Holy Simcha Entertainment, he brought the music and the energy, was accommodating to our requests and helped make the event full of simcha even with a smaller crowd.

  20. 5.0

    Just made our first and only batmitzvah.

    The girls had the BEST time thanks to Holy Simcha- Rivkah Adinah Kanush you were amazing and the girls didn’t want to leave! Best fun and dancing. Even my friends said they learned a few new dances. The shtick was great!

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    We had our daughter’s bat mitzvah party this week and bh it was lots of fun! Thanks to the group for ideas and suggestions! The sibling video turned out adorable. So many of the details we were able to take care of on our yishuv which was a pleasure – caterer, hairstyles, etc. which made things simple. We were also extremely pleased with the deejay we hired – Holy Simcha Entertainment Rivkah Adinah was awesome and fun. She kept the party so lively and the girls really clicked with her. May we always share smachot!

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