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    An amazing tour of an amazing organization. Highly recommended!

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    I recently took 5 boys (aged 11-13) to the Yad Sarah visitors centre in Jerusalem. I don’t think it has officially opened yet but you can contact Raizy 050-976-5763 for more information. I was blown away by the organisation. The tour started with an excellent film highlighting the work they do via stories (be warned, there is a very difficult story about a girl with cancer which I found very moving). We walked around to various stations in the building to see what goes on ie. the emergency call center, the center for rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke. The film and the guide were engaging and the boys really “enjoyed” it. We finished the morning with some hands on volunteering – the boys cleaned wheelchairs that are being repaired. I think you would usually need a larger group to do this. All in all an excellent educational experience which was also enjoyable.

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